Women, Learn to Deal with Loose Bowel Leakage

Women, Learn to Deal with Loose Bowel Leakage

It may not be usually discussed among friends and family members, but loose bowel leakage is very real and, in fact, common. It affects millions of Americans, and it is most typical among women.

Women, Learn to Deal with Loose Bowel Leakage

Women, Learn to Deal with Loose Bowel Leakage

Loose bowel leakage (LBL) is defined as the uncontrollable release of feces or stools from the rectum. There are plenty of reasons why this happens. Problems in digestion are often seen as culprits. It may also be caused by certain medications, muscle or nerve damage, and dysfunction of the pelvis floor. Moreover, since high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression often lead to changes in the bowel movement or digestion problems, it is possible that these three can also cause fecal incontinence.


Though generally loose bowel leakage is not life-threatening, it is very embarrassing. You tend to emit foul odor due to gas or feces. It is also uncomfortable. Many women complain they cannot really function well, as they try to control the release of the stools as well as the odor they produce. They cannot easily go out and have fun, afraid that there might not be any restroom available.


Unless you do something about your issue, you will never have a good normal life. You better take the steps now. Begin with the following:


Discuss your issue with your doctor. As mentioned, some of the causes of LBL are damage to certain organs. You need medications or even surgery for that. You can only get that, however, if you talk about your condition with the doctor.


Have a kit ready at all times. Bring along a cleaning kit with you constantly. Inside, include an undergarment, pads, alcohol, tissue, and vaginal wipes. You want to keep yourself clean as possible to avoid any infection or other medical issues.


Share your experience with other sufferers. You are not alone. A lot of them have already formed their own groups, offline and online, so they can share information and tips on how to manage the issue more effectively. You can search for them and request for an approval of your membership. You will more likely be open to talk about your emotional and physical challenges with them than with your family and friends.


Keep your confidence up. It is not unusual for women to feel insecure, dirty, lonely, and hopeless when they have LBL. But you cannot allow these negative emotions rule your life. You need to maintain your self-esteem. Do so by using subliminal messages or affirmations. Positive messages can surely inspire you to live life to the fullest despite what you are suffering from.


Reduce stress. Stress is usually one of the triggers for the different mental and emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. There are different ways on how to reduce your stress level. You can even use subliminal messages or affirmations. When you are tired, just repeat the following line, “I release fatigue and lethargy every time I breathe out.” You may also listen to subliminal messages mp3s with instrumental or soothing sounds while you are meditating.





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