Wives, Control Your Domineering Ways with Subliminal Messages

Wives, Control Your Domineering Ways with Subliminal Messages

Thousands of years have taught us one thing: men are authorities. They are the bosses, the government leaders, and the heads of their family. However, the women are fast catching up. “Androgeny” has become a byword. In the household, there are women who now take the positions of their husbands, even if their partners are still around or they are still living together.

Wives, Control Your Domineering Ways with Subliminal Messages

Wives, Control Your Domineering Ways with Subliminal Messages

That would have been okay, though, if wives don’t end up too controlling or too domineering. The sad news is a lot of them are, especially if the husband is too meek or more submissive, and this attitude is putting a lot of strain into the relationship.


How do you control yourself? Here are some tips:


1. Don’t decide on your own. You are partners, remember? The family is not your main responsibility alone. It’s also of your spouse. Thus, you cannot make decisions all by yourself. You need to let your husband participate in the discussion.


2. Respect his opinions. No matter how “two peas in the pod” both of you are, there will be times when you’ll argue and differ in opinions. A domineering wife will always think that she’s right, so you do the opposite. If you think your husband has a point, be humble enough to acknowledge it. If you don’t agree with his opinions, then don’t. Both of you can just agree to disagree. Better yet, just learn to compromise, so everything becomes a win-win situation for all of you.


3. Give him the chance to lead. You may have a submissive husband who gives you the free rein to take care of the family. But husbands should be strong too, and you can help your partner get that strength by allowing him to lead. Before you make an important decision, “What do you think?” If he gives you an idea, you can say, “Let’s do what you say.” Let him drive for the kids, coach the children, handle important aspects of the business, or even go out with his friends. These things can definitely boost his confidence.


4. Learn to trust. One of the foremost reasons why you are so controlling is because you think that your spouse can’t be trusted. You cannot trust him to do well in the household, in the job, or even in his own life. But unless you learn how to trust, then the cycle of dominance will never really end.


How do you learn to trust him? It takes some time, but you can use subliminal messages to help out. Whenever you feel suspicion, jealousy, and mistrust brewing, you can say the following:


My husband deserves my 100 percent trust.

Every person is prone to mistakes.

I am a forgiving and open person.

My husband is my partner. He needs to be trusted.


If trust is such a huge issue in the marriage, you can purchase subliminal messages mp3s, so you can listen to similar above-mentioned messages on a daily basis. The intention is to never forget these affirmations and allow them to change your mind-set.


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