“Why Me?” – How to Stop Asking This Question With Subliminal Messages

“Why Me?” – How to Stop Asking This Question With Subliminal Messages

“Why me?” That is actually a million-dollar question because there’s actually no definite answer available. The sad news is this question often leads to one thing: a pity party.

"Why Me?" - How to Stop Asking This Question With Subliminal Messages

"Why Me?" - How to Stop Asking This Question With Subliminal Messages

Self-pity is actually a very negative emotion. It doesn’t get you anywhere at all. In fact, it leads you to a darker abyss since you begin to be irrational or lose sight of more important things. You let go of other people and personal relationships since the focus shifts toward you.


How do you control yourself from going through a self-pity period? The following tips may be the ones you need:


1. Know that things happen for a reason. You may not be able to understand what happened or even have the answer to the question, but trust that there’s a good explanation why it occurred anyway. It could be to teach you a lesson, to open better opportunities, to make yourself a much better person, or to help you realize the things you’ve been missing. Just don’t bother yourself too much with the question. Allow the real meaning to unfold right before your eyes. You just need to be very patient.


2. Grieve then move on. A lot of those who go into self-pity are individuals who grieved but never moved on. They’re stuck. They allow themselves to really relish on the pain and suffering they’re going through.


Grieving is definitely not a bad idea. In fact, you’re encouraged to experience it, especially if you definitely have a tremendous loss or rejection. But you need to put a limit to the mourning period. Tell yourself, “I’ll cry, but next week, I’ll definitely let go of this pain and start anew.” That helps in reminding yourself there’s no point coddling suffering and hurting yourself over and over again.


3. Count your blessings. Here’s the reason why you should not wallow in self-pity. You don’t remember the blessings in your life anymore. After all, you’re too concentrated on your miseries. Counting blessings is one of the best ways to remind yourself that life is still good to you. For example, if you lose your job, consider family togetherness as a blessing. A lot are going through divorces and bad marriages. If you can’t travel next week, think of it as few extra days for other productive activities.


It definitely helps if you can write your blessings in a notebook or electronic journal. Write down every blessing you can think of, no matter how silly or small it is (such as getting your favorite makeup brand).


4. Change the way you think. All you need to do is to have a change in perspective. Instead of giving a lot of attention to yourself, try to shift it to others. Rather than thinking of how weak you are, gather inner strength.

Because you’re used to self-pity, it may not be the easiest thing for you to do. Affirmations and subliminal messages may then be helpful.


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