What You Should Do when You See a Crime

What You Should Do when You See a Crime

You were simply walking home after an 8-hour day job when all of a sudden you saw someone getting mugged by a group of teens. For a split second, your adrenaline skyrocketed, and your heart started to beat extremely fast. You wanted to help, but you really didn’t know how to do it. You began to profusely sweat, and your hands were clammy. What had just happened?

What You Should Do when You See a Crime

What You Should Do when You See a Crime

These are just some of the physical signs that normally happen if you encounter a crime. These, however, are not your immediate concerns. What you should think about is what you’re going to do about it.


1. Call 911. Immediately grab your mobile phone or go to the nearest phone booth. Don’t wait for the crime to be over before you make the report. Usually police and medics arrive within 10 minutes.


2. See if you can do something to stop the crime. You don’t need to be a martial arts expert or a certified marksman before you can deter or stop the crime. What’s important is you can make the criminals aware that someone is watching. You can make a loud noise to attract the attention of other people, besides the criminals. If you think you can pin down the person, then do so.


Just remember, though, these tips are really not advisable if the criminal has a weapon, especially a gun; you’re in a very secluded area; or you think there are other cohorts in the nearby surroundings.


3. Observe. If you can, find a good spot where you can observe everything that’s happening and take mental notes. This is suggested if you cannot physically help the victim. Note everything that you’re seeing. In fact, you can write them down, so you would never forget them. How are the criminals? Can you determine some significant marks in them? What are they wearing? How do they behave or sound? Are they carrying any weapon? How do they attack the individual? When the police arrive, they would certainly ask you some questions. Your answers would help them solve the crime as soon as possible.


4. Maintain your composure with focus and subliminal messages. It’s definitely normal to feel rattled, scared, or even irrational when you witness a crime. But you very well know that you should not let your fear get the hold of you. Majority of accidents that bring unwarranted attention from criminals are caused by improper coordination and poor concentration.


If you feel the fear building up, immediately shift the way your mind thinks. Speak of affirmations so you can feed your mind with subliminal messages. You can tell yourself, “I am in control of this moment” or “This deserves my full concentration.” If you’re listening to general affirmations or subliminal messages regularly through their mp3 or video versions, you can tap on them for this situation.

Don’t forget to breathe in and breathe out. This is how you can help bring yourself to the present moment. This will also reduce the adrenaline rush and make you more relaxed.


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