Using Subliminal Messages for Investing

Using Subliminal Messages for Investing

If you think that saving your money in a bank is already a good way of investing, then you are wrong. It earns only very little interest, and because it is so accessible to you, you might just end up using it for something else.

Using Subliminal Messages for Investing

Using Subliminal Messages for Investing

If you really want to be serious about investing, then you need to go for the stable and long-term ones, such as stocks, bonds, forex, and mutual funds. But here is the problem. You do not want to take that road because you are scared.  You think that you are going to invest a lot of money with no guarantees of profits. You may have heard of a lot of horror stories where investors were forced to give up their homes and cars or declare themselves bankrupt because of such investments.


Let us correct the notion: although there are no guarantees, there are also ways on how to minimize the losses. Moreover, thousands have already made themselves wealthy just by investing (take, for example, Warren Buffett).


If it is fear that you are trying to get rid of, then there is one good solution: subliminal messages or affirmations.


To better understand how it works, consider this: Let us pretend that every time you feel like investing in these portfolios, your mind starts to say, “No, I cannot do it.” What do you feel? You feel more scared. The thought itself is paralyzing. But what if you are given affirmations or subliminal messages, such as “I can make myself rich in this.” What do you feel? Most probably, you will have a change in your mind-set. Instead of being fearful, you will feel more motivated or inspired to just do it.


It is how the subliminal messages or the affirmations work. They influence your manner of thinking. However, they do not really deal with your conscious mind. This part of your mind is so selective. It chooses what kinds of information it processes. It can also be greatly influenced by your emotions.


The affirmations are fed into the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that is not often tapped, especially when we are very active. You can imagine it being behind your conscious mind. However, it can be extremely powerful as it stores everything, even memories that you thought you have already forgotten. It can influence the way your conscious mind works.


Using the example affirmation above, once your subconscious mind picks it up, it stays there. Then it reflects the message into your conscious mind. That is why even if you do not mean it, you remember it.


Where to Get These Subliminal Messages


There are many sources for subliminal messages. One of these is the Internet. Today you can already download plenty of affirmations in mp3 or video versions. This way, they can be made more portable, and you can get a dose of affirmations anytime and anywhere. A lot of them have samples. You can download them and try them out for a couple of days and see if they do wonders for you.



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