Using Subliminal Hypnosis CDs and Other Ways to Achieve Higher Consciousness

Using Subliminal Hypnosis CDs  and Other Ways to Achieve Higher Consciousness

People have different levels of consciousness. Our normal consciousness level makes us aware of what’s happening around us, what we’re doing, where we are, what we see, what we feel, and so on.

Using Subliminal Hypnosis CDs  and Other Ways to Achieve Higher Consciousness

Using Subliminal Hypnosis CDs and Other Ways to Achieve Higher Consciousness

But a lot of mind experts have opened up our interest to higher levels of consciousness. According to studies, expansion of the human consciousness can benefit humans a lot, and it should therefore be the goal of each person. Achieving a higher level of consciousness means we become more sensitive to what’s going on around us and we can perceive more than what occurs on the surface. For example, we become acutely aware not just of our actions, but also of the purposes behind our actions and also the effects of our actions. This means we can see things from a broader perspective; doing so usually provides a person with more wisdom especially in making decisions.

If you want to achieve full consciousness, here are some of the most effective ways to do so:

1. Meditate regularly. One of the reasons why most people get trapped in the basic level of consciousness is that they get distracted by what’s currently happening around them. They become so engrossed and closely immersed in all the activity that they don’t broaden their perspective to see the reasons, causes, effects, consequences, and so on that trail from a particular event or action.

That’s why, in order to achieve higher consciousness, it is important to take some time every day to just sit quietly and look deep into your soul. This is the practice of meditation. By removing the daily worries that plague your mind, you are able to look deeper into who you really are and why you really do what you do. You are able to know and understand yourself better, which is key in achieving higher consciousness.

2. Listen to subliminal hypnosis CDs. When your mind stays in the active current state of consciousness, it will not achieve higher consciousness. It will be trapped in this particular level of consciousness. Subliminal hypnosis CDs, however, are created to slowly guide the mind towards deeper consciousness states.

Beyond ordinary consciousness, subliminal hypnosis CDs guide your brain to the subliminal consciousness, then to trance states, after which comes the higher consciousness. The subliminal self is what stores our impulses, habits, and urges. The trance state opens us up to suggestion and influence from another source. And finally, higher consciousness makes us acutely aware of our impulses and what triggers them as well as to the suggestions and influences trying to take control of us.

Gaining higher consciousness benefits us by making us aware of ourselves and of our surroundings, by enabling us to think critically without being influenced by habits, influences, and emotions, by helping us to see things more reasonably, and by allowing us to improve ourselves.

3. Seek help. If you want to achieve higher consciousness, it is best to seek the guidance of someone who has done it before. The brain’s immense environment is extremely deep; if you don’t have a guide, who knows which level of the brain you get to. So try and find someone who can help you achieve higher consciousness and get him or her to guide you.

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