Use Affirmations to Help a Loved One Deal with Thyroid Cancer

Use Affirmations to Help a Loved One Deal with Thyroid Cancer

What if you learn that one of your loved ones is suffering from thyroid cancer? You may go through the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. After all, you hear a lot of stories where sufferers do not last for months or a year. One of the first things you would probably think is “I wish there is something I can do.”

Use Affirmations to Help a Loved One Deal with Thyroid Cancer

Use Affirmations to Help a Loved One Deal with Thyroid Cancer

Well, guess what, there are a lot of things you can do for your loved one. These include the use of affirmations or subliminal messages.


Why Should You Use Them?


Subliminal messages have been utilized by advertisers, songwriters, and filmmakers to (1) increase curiosity or interest or (2) to deliver a message without being too obvious about it. An example would be a song used as a jingle. If you hear it on the radio, you do not really immediately think about the song itself but the product associated with it. There is a huge chance that just because you remember it, you may be compelled to buy it.


But at this point, we are not talking about using subliminal messages that way. We are dealing with subliminal messages as affirmations. The main point of using them is to change your manner of thinking.


You might ask, “What is the relationship between thoughts and thyroid cancer?” Sure, it does not cure the illness. However, it helps the patient deal with the illness a whole lot better. To understand, consider this:


Your dad is suffering from thyroid cancer, and you notice that he has been sadder than before. He does not want to eat, sleep, or go about his usual activities. He is more withdrawn and is often irritable when spoken to. You think these are just some of the common signs of his illness. What you are not aware of is he might be falling into depression.


A person who is depressed is more prone to sickness. Because he is not only emotionally but also mentally and physically stressed, his immune system goes down. When his immunity is not working well, then he does not have enough mechanism to fight any kind of disease, including thyroid cancer.


One of the best ways to deal with these negative thoughts and emotions is through the mind. You modify the way it thinks things, and you do that with subliminal messages. Perhaps by using videos or audio downloads, you can deliver affirmations like the following:


I am the key to peace of mind and harmony.

If my mind is well, my body will follow.

Despite my illness, I am still a complete being.

I can beat this. I am strong.


If you allow these types of messages to fill his life, what do you think would happen? He may be able to realize that “Yeah, I still have so much to live for” or “My illness does not really define who I am and what I can become.” You give him the opportunity to fill his life with a lot of inspiration and motivation.




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