Understanding How Subliminal Messages Influence the Mind

Understanding How Subliminal Messages Influence the Mind

Subliminal messages are becoming more and more popular in goal achievement and personality improvement. They are also being used in therapy and even as aids in physical treatments. But many people who are using subliminal messages for various purposes don’t have a clear understanding of how they influence the mind.

If you plan on using subliminal programming on yourself, do take the time to understand just how they work. A clear knowledge of the process will help you enjoy stronger and more powerful effects from these messages. Here are two of the most important things you should know to prevent your subliminal messages from backfiring.

Your mind in a relaxed state. One of the common mistakes people make when they use subliminal messages is that they just expect the messages to work like magic, so they try to squeeze them consciously into their brains. They also try to apply the messages in their lives consciously. This is not the way subliminal messages should be used. In fact, the more you try to apply these messages into your life, the more they recede into your inner mind. Somehow, people become immune to the messages when they are in a state of heightened attention.

According to a study conducted in a neuroscience laboratory in London, subliminal messages are absorbed by the subconscious without the knowledge of the conscious mind. The study also showed that the messages had a greater impact when the mind is in a relaxed and idle state. This is why the brain tend to respond more strongly to subliminal messages when it is in a meditative, hypnotic, or entrained state.

This is the concept behind popular mind relaxation techniques used alongside subliminal messages. The three common techniques used are meditation, hypnosis or hypnotherapy, and brainwave entrainment. These techniques help to free up the mind by relaxing it; once the mind’s attention resources are free from busy thought processes, it becomes a very fertile ground for subliminal messages to take seed on.

Your messages in a positive tone. Since you have absolutely no knowledge and control over the absorption of subliminal messages into your brain, you have to be very careful about the messages you use. After all, the subconscious does not filter out these messages just like the conscious mind can.

This is why it is very important for your messages to be written in a positive manner, with absolutely no negative words. Even the slightest negative connotation in the messages can lead to a negative effect that weakens or contradicts exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Many people make the common mistake of using incorrectly constructed messages. For example, someone trying to get rid of excessive eating can use the message “I am not hungry.” But it has the negative word “not” and it even contains the word “hungry.” The mind can easily just focus on the word “hungry” and the message will lead to a result that’s completely opposite of your goals.