Troublemakers in Life? How to Kill their Games with Meditation

Troublemakers in Life? How to Kill their Games with Meditation

In life, there are some people whose only role, it seems, is to stir up trouble. They seem to enjoy and find excitement in watching us suffer and struggle. They have fun causing trouble and drama. We all have a couple of those in our lives. Some are relatives, some are friends, and some are colleagues. And they have the same objective. Even if they enjoy putting you in chaos, they don’t really have anything against you. Your sufferings are merely a means to an end, and their real purpose is to seek attention. And they have an unlimited number of tactics that they use to achieve this.

Troublemakers in Life? How to Kill their Games with Meditation

Troublemakers in Life? How to Kill their Games with Meditation

And what’s worse is that most of the time, we find ourselves playing right into their games. You’ve been trying to get rid of the drama in your life and here comes someone who gets you caught up in his or her drama, for his own pleasure.

Here are a few ways not to get yourself caught in the drama trap of your life’s troublemakers:

1. Keep emotions under control. When dealing with troublemakers, make sure to keep your emotions under control at all times. No matter what happens and no matter what they do, do not react emotionally. That’s exactly what they want: once your emotions plays into the game, you are irrevocably involved. And your own need to resolve your emotions will pull you further into the trap.

However, keeping emotions controlled can be difficult especially if you are being targeted as the object of the drama and if the person is someone you can’t avoid such as family members. One way to help you keep an emotional distance is to apply the concept of meditation.

Meditation helps you focus on an object that you choose, and develops the will and strength to ignore everything else that tries to divert your attention. By practicing meditation, you can close your mind to anything that comes from the troublemakers in your life so you can retain your composure no matter what they do.

2. Don’t even try to correct them. If they try to do anything, like make you look bad, don’t bother doing anything to clarify things or remedy the situation. Anything you do in response to what they do will only ricochet back to you; they’ll make sure of that. They can use anything to try and shift the blame, so that no matter what you try to do or say, you will still come off as the bad guy.

So try to remain passive no matter how bad things get. Do not, under any circumstances, attack right back. Without anyone to play or create any trouble with, they won’t have any trouble to stir, so they’ll likely give up on you and move on to the next victim.

3. And when they do… don’t ever participate in any trouble that they try to stir up for other people. Even if you are not the target, do not be a participant in the game. The best thing you can do is to just observe.

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