Treating Upper Back Pain with Subliminal Messages

Treating Upper Back Pain with Subliminal Messages

Upper back pain is actually quite common. Sometimes the pain is subtle, and sometimes it’s not. There are a lot of reasons why you suffer from it. Certain illnesses reveal themselves through pain in various parts of the body, including the back. If you’re under too much stress your muscles start to tense. Upper back pain is typical among those who are in desk jobs. Because a lot don’t maintain proper posture, majority of the strain is in the upper back, neck, and shoulder.

Treating Upper Back Pain with Subliminal Messages

Treating Upper Back Pain with Subliminal Messages

The pain may also be brought about by a traumatic injury due to accident or abuse. If you’ve fallen off a bike and landed on your back, then the pain may remain in the back area for quite some time.


Unknowingly the back pain may also be a manifestation of a hidden emotional feeling. If you are depressed or anxious over something, you start to feel a lot of pressure at the upper back area. It can also be because of trauma that you cannot forget. For instance, if your mom hit you in the upper back while you were still a kid, you’d still feel the pain as if it were real now that you’re all grown up.


An upper back problem, especially if it’s chronic or lasts for a very long time, warrants a visit to the doctor. Your physician can prescribe medications that can provide you relief, as well as techniques that would reduce the pain.


The problem is there’s the possibility of drug dependency. The medications you’re taking may suddenly not work anymore, and you’re forced to increase the dosage, making you susceptible to drug overdose.


You might want to complement the conventional treatment with subliminal messages or affirmations to decrease dependency.


What’s the Use of Subliminal Messages?


Let’s make one thing clear. Subliminal messages or affirmations don’t guarantee any kind of healing, just like your medications. However many people can attest on how they feel relieved whenever they use them.


Subliminal messages or affirmations help you change your mind-set. They don’t let you deny that you’re not in pain, because the truth is you are. If you’re made to believe something else that isn’t real, then it would not work.


What they try to do is to give you inspiration as well as motivation. When you’re in some pain, it’s not unusual to ask yourself, “When is this going to end?” or think that “I have no more chance to be healed.” These negative thoughts create negative emotions, and negative emotions can be such a huge block for your healing. As they say, it all begins in the mind. Whatever your mind thinks, your body picks up.


So you use subliminal messages to change the negative ones into “I will get better” or “Every day is an opportunity to be better.”


You can also utilize affirmations to start letting go of the burdens, the guilt, shame, and other negative emotions you’ve been carrying all this time. You tell yourself, “I have forgiven the past and remove the burden that’s hurting my back.”


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