Top Tips to Conquering Your Frizzy Hair With Subliminal Messages

Top Tips to Conquering Your Frizzy Hair With Subliminal Messages

You think that you have your hair under control, but the moment you step out, every hair strand goes into a totally different direction. No matter how hard you try to comb your hair, the strands never go back to their original position. In fact, they only get worse.

Top Tips to Conquering Your Frizzy Hair With Subliminal Messages

Top Tips to Conquering Your Frizzy Hair With Subliminal Messages

A lot of women—and some of the men—fight frizzy hair. But that doesn’t mean there’s really nothing that can be done. These tips don’t guarantee that they will work for you, but so far, they are the ones that provide great results for many.


Don’t cut your hair extremely short. If your hair tends to be frizzy, it’s a good idea if you don’t keep it very short, like a bob cut. This way, you don’t get to emphasize your hair condition. You don’t look like you’re wearing a gigantic Afro wig.


Avoid rubbing objects into your hair. One of the primary reasons why your hair frizzes is it loses moisture. It dries up. Hair needs at least 8 percent moisture to avoid frizzing. You should also avoid having split ends. To accomplish that, you should avoid rubbing objects into your hair. For example, after your bath time, don’t rub towels but just squeeze the water out. If you’re combing, make sure you can do it slowly. Avoid moving the teeth back and forth, as if you’re almost wounding your scalp. This will only create plenty of split ends. If your hair is entangled, you can untangle them using your fingers. Don’t force. Just do it slowly.


Keep your hair moisturized. Reduce the use of shampoos, especially those that contain synthetic ingredients. They tend to deplete moisture and other essential oils from the hair. Instead, apply conditioners, which smooth the hair. If possible, look for hair care products that contain natural ingredients, particularly keratin, which is the protein for hair, and vitamins like E.


Reduce the use of too much hair care products. Do you know that gels and mousses can actually make your hair situation a lot worse? That’s why you need to limit their use. Bottom line is to give your hair the opportunity to breathe. These products can actually block the pores where natural oils come out. Avoid those that contain alcohol, as it usually aggravates the problem.


Look for anti-frizz products. There are also hair care products that are designed to prevent or reduce frizzing. They usually have the ability to lock in moisture into the hair so the strands remain in control.


Don’t blow-dry. Blow-drying definitely removes a lot of moisture into your hair, and if your hair is already susceptible to freezing, then there’s no way you can control the strands’ movements. If you are going to be very busy in the morning, consider washing your hair at night, so you can have a lot of time to dry it (don’t sleep while your hair is wet, though). You can just allow it to dry freely and naturally too.


Accept your hair. One of the best ways to deal with frizzy hair is to accept it, especially if it’s part of who you are. You can use subliminal messages to help yourself become more accepting to it. You can look for affirmations that talk about self-acceptance or inner beauty.


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