Three Creative Ways to Use Positive Affirmations in Your Life Effectively

Three Creative Ways to Use Positive Affirmations in Your Life Effectively

Positive affirmations are now widely used by a lot of people, and for a variety of purposes. Even you can easily come up with customized positive affirmations to help you make any positive changes in your life. If you don’t know how to properly instill these messages into your subconscious mind and apply them to your life, here are a few effective methods you can try:

1. Flashcards. Are there are changes you want to make in your life? Are there any problems you commonly or routinely face? If so, one effective way to make use of positive affirmations is to create flashcards that contain the different affirmations you want to apply in your life. Prepare a set of flashcards for each of your different personal change goals or for each problem you are trying to resolve. This way, when the need arises, you can just take the flashcards and flip through them.

As an additional tip, keep the affirmations short so they can fit into the flashcards. After all, the shorter they are, the easier it is to memorize them.

2. Posters or stickers. Buy or even make your own stickers or posters that you can stick on random areas where you usually spend your time in. The stickers or posters bearing the affirmations are very effective because you usually see them on a regular basis without making any conscious effort. Unlike flashcards that you really have to pick up and pay attention to, the posters or stickers can deliver the affirmations to your subconscious even if you so much as just look at them.

Just make sure to choose the right places to put them in; these should be places where you will easily see them.

This technique is really effective for any long-term personal development goals such as boosting confidence, enhancing positivity, etc. These are goals that you need to be constantly reminded of for long-term benefits.

3. Create your own affirmation recordings. You can also make your own recordings of the positive affirmations so you don’t even have to read; you just have to listen. You can record them onto CDs or even into your iPod. There are recording software around that can help you with this; they can even help you create recordings that have soothing and relaxing music in the background so you can also tune in when you need to relax, or perhaps use your favorite songs as the background so you will feel motivated to listen to the recordings more often. You can also choose to use catchy tunes so you can memorize the affirmations as if you were memorizing the lines of a song.

And since they require no conscious effort, you can play the recordings anytime, like when you’re taking a bath, driving to work, or just about to sleep. What a way to start and end your days.

Since music does not simply deliver words but also enlists the participation of your musical perception, this technique usually works better for most people.