There’s No Better Time to Deal with Bulimia Nervosa Now

There’s No Better Time to Deal with Bulimia Nervosa Now

There’s No Better Time to Deal with Bulimia Nervosa Now

There are different types of eating disorders, and one of the most infamous ones is bulimia nervosa.


Usually abbreviated as bulimia, this illness is characterized by food binging. You eat as many food as you like, all at one time. However, you purge them, forcing yourself to vomit everything you’ve eaten. This is different with anorexia, since many of the anorexic individuals don’t eat at all or eat extremely little. Nevertheless, both are equally dangerous.


Why Do You Suffer from It?


Some doctors believe that bulimia is hereditary. But mostly it’s caused by an emotional or psychological trauma. Every person has his or her own way of dealing with grief, anger, pain, and fear. While others handle these negative emotions quite well, there are others who don’t. They get into depression and anxiety, and in order to cope they eat and relieve themselves of the food later.


Another explanation could be self-image. You think you are fat, worthless, ugly, and unlovable. However, you cannot easily give up the things you like, such as food. Thus, you give in to your pleasure by food binging and boost your ego wrongly by purging.


What Are the Common Signs of Bulimia?


They differ from person to person, but you’re mostly likely suffering from it if you have the following signs and symptoms:


  • Withdrawal from friends and family right after eating
  • The compulsion to vomit everything you have eaten
  • Metabolic and hormonal imbalance (loss of or short menstruation)
  • Damaged teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Digestive issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss or very low self-esteem and respect


What Are the Treatments Available?


Bulimia is a well-known illness, so a lot of help are available. If you have it, you can depend on the following:




Doctors can provide you with medications to help you better deal with your emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety. The medicines can increase your serotonin or happy hormones as well as calm your nervous system. You may also be subscribed with supplements and referred to a nutritionist for the most ideal food plan.




The weight issue is sometimes the tip of the iceberg. There’s far deeper reason why you’re binging and purging. Natural therapies can help you deal with them. You can go through exposure therapy, where you’ll be asked to confront the ultimate source, perhaps a childhood experience or a trauma. Another is cognitive therapy where negative thoughts are removed and replaced with positive ones.


During therapies, counselors or therapists may utilize subliminal messages or affirmations. These are words that carry positive messages. The main idea is to plant them into your subconscious by constant repetition. Once they are deep seated in your subconscious, your conscious mind starts to believe them as truths, and you act them out. Some of the subliminal messages that may be used are the following:


I am well loved by many.

I love just the way I am.

I am not measured by other people’s perception about me.


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