The Law of Attraction – Reasons Why It Might Not Work on You

The Law of Attraction – Reasons Why It Might Not Work on You

A lot of people try to use the law of attraction to improve their lives, only to find themselves attracting the things that they do not want. This leads them to the conclusion that the law of attraction is nothing but a big scam. But before you make any conclusions, go through this checklist first. You never know, the law may be working, but it might be attracting the wrong things, or the things you don’t want. This means there’s nothing wrong with the law of attraction, but there’s something wrong with the way you are wielding its power.

Here are the three things that can keep you from harnessing the wonderful transformation the law of attraction can bring into your life.

1. Incorrect beliefs. The way you see things, or your beliefs, plays a significant role in the outcome of your life. Make sure to differentiate between wants and beliefs. Sometimes, what you believe is different or even contradicting to what you want. You want something and you want to attract it into your life, but you can’t help but believe that you won’t get it. You try to consciously convince yourself that you will get what you want, but in your heart you still believe you won’t. It may be because you think poorly of yourself and believe that you are not capable, or because you think you do not deserve to get what you want. Whatever the reason is, your belief is still negative. This way of thinking will not make the law of attraction work.

2. The wrong approach. If you approach situations, both negative and positive, in the wrong way, then the result will also be wrong. Usually, if you have the wrong belief, this will lead you to the wrong approach towards the things that come into your life. Your approach refers to how you act, respond, and behave under various circumstances. It has a huge effect on what you ultimately attract into your life.

3. Lack of focus. Another probable cause why your efforts on making the law of attraction work for you is a lack of focus. You may be trying to attract too many different things with no clear direction. Or you may keep changing the desires you’re trying to attract. One minute, you’re trying to attract one thing, and the next minute, your desire has already changed. This can hinder the law of attraction from manifesting fully in your life.

4. Lack of perseverance. You may also lack consistency in attracting what you want. You may be positively attracting your desires today, but tomorrow you hit a rough spot and you start to doubt again. And when you don’t see any changes or results soon, you might get tempted to just give up altogether. If you do, then the law of attraction surely won’t work. Not everything you try to attract will come at the moment you want. Sometimes, they may come true, but they might take time in coming. So make sure to persevere in attracting your desires and never accept defeat until you get them.

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