The Hard Battle Against Negative Talk – Positive Subliminal Messages Are Your Best Weapons

The Hard Battle Against Negative Talk – Positive Subliminal Messages Are Your Best Weapons

Do you know that there is a constant battle that needs to be fought against negative talk? If you don’t know, then you’re obviously on the losing end. This is one hard battle and you need to be well-armed to fight it.

So what’s this battle all about?

The Enemy. Every day, our minds are completely exposed to several influences and feedback from outside. There is both negative and positive feedback, and majority of the feedback we absorb are in the form of subliminal messages, which are absorbed even without our conscious awareness of them. In other words, we do not get a chance to filter through them, so we have scarcely any idea what gets into our very sensitive heads.

Unfortunately, some researchers who study the subliminal mind discovered that subliminal messages are more easily absorbed by the subconscious when they are negative. The study showed that negative talk is more easily detected by the subliminal mind than those that are positive.

What are these negative talk that we receive from all around us on a daily basis? Here are some examples:

Only the privileged ones succeed in life.

You have to work really hard before you can get something.

You can’t trust anybody.

You don’t deserve a break.

You are not good enough.

You need artificial products to look beautiful.

You have to be extremely skinny to be beautiful.

These are just some of the negative talk that we are always exposed to, practically every minute of the day. Even TV commercials and magazines are all participating in this vicious process.

The Evidence. A separate study also supported these findings. During the experiment, participants were asked to focus on a screen where various words were being flashed at a non-readable rate. They were simply asked to choose the emotional response they felt at the words that were flashed; they were to choose between positive, neutral, and negative. The results showed that they provided more accurate emotional responses to the negative words.

Both studies give us a clear idea as to why it’s the negative feedback that ultimately affects our reality, which leaves no question as to why most of us are settling for unhappy circumstances in life.

The Weapon. So what can you do to free yourself from this problem? Is there anything you can do even if the negative talk is all around you?

Actually, you can beat negative subliminal messages at their own game. The best weapons you can use are positive subliminal messages. You can train your mind to turn negative talk away; to do this, you need to give it something to use as a shield, and that’s the role of positive messages. Since the negative messages are stronger, you need to constantly bombard yourself with positive talk to make them powerful enough to fight the hard battle with negative talk.

The first step is to recognize this major problem that imprisons you, so that you can free yourself from it. If you want a positive life, then you need to start fighting this hard battle with all the positive messages you can come up with.