Subliminal Messages – The enemy of the great is good.

The average person… the 97% of people
trying their hand at the law of attraction…
from the bottom to the 97 percentile of success
believe that 99% compliance is good.

The Elite Top 3% believe that 99% compliance
is terrible.

Some say “Practice Makes Perfect”, but this is


When you are doing closed eyed PDRs, do you really
think that allowing your mind to wander is going to
attract anything close to what you are trying to attract?

PDR = Practice, Drill & Rehearse

The enemy of the great is good.

The A student is disgusted with a B.

The track star who misses their time by 1 tenth
of a second considers that a failure.

A fit person with excess fat remains unsatisfied.

In each instance, the person KNOWS the solution is
100% compliance… not 99%… not 98%…   100%!

You know this too!

If you didn’t know, now you do!

That last 1% is the difference between mediocrity and

That last 1% is what will allow you to write your own

The difference between 99% compliance and 100% compliance
is like the difference between and amateur and a pro.

You need a fully committed, made up mind!!

You can’t go around thinking that you can cheat a little bit
and succeed. Doing 99% of what it takes to succeed is a recipe
for heartache and failure.

100% is the only number that makes sense to The Elite Top 3%.
That’s why they achieve goal after goal. Society lavishes these
people with praise and riches because they are so rare.

But the truth is, becoming one of them is possible for any of us.

One of the first steps is making a decision to go 100%!

Are you ready?

The fastest, easiest and most pleasant way
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