The Don’ts in Visualization

The Don’ts in Visualization

If you think that visualization doesn’t work, then perhaps you are very familiar with this situation: before you go to sleep, you imagine sheep jumping off fences. It’s actually a very simple visualization exercise, though the point here is not to overcome any issue but to tire your brain and make you sleepy.

Visualization, in a much deeper sense, is used for treating and managing certain life issues such as loss of self-confidence, addiction, obesity, and even degenerative illnesses such as cancer or diabetes. This process allows you to create a whole new perception about yourself and your ability to beat the odds. You change your present mind-set, which may be all about defeat and surrender to problems, to victory over challenges.

Moreover, when you couple visualization with subliminal messages, such as positive statements, it becomes a very powerful tool in healing certain aspects of your life.

However, there are times when visualization may not work as well as it should. It could be because you’re committing the following mistakes:

It’s not the right place and time. Like hypnosis, visualization exercises and feeding of subliminal messages should be performed in a tranquil or quiet surrounding. The external noises will usually rob your attention away from the moment. You will find yourself easily disturbed, and it’s more difficult for you to concentrate on the now and the process.

You can do visualization in any place you like, provided it’s the most comfortable and the quietest. As for the time, experts suggest to do it before bedtime, especially when you’re a beginner. This is the time when your body is completely relaxed, and it’s easy for your mind to receive the subliminal messages.

You are too preoccupied. The surroundings may be quiet, but you’re still unable to input subliminal messages or affirmations in your mind, as well as get clearer pictures for your visualization. This could be because your internal self is not at peace. You can do meditation before visualization. By doing so, you bring yourself to the present moment, which is devoid of any worry, uncertainty, or anxiety.

You are not too clear with your visualization. It’s extremely important that you can be as vivid as you can with your images during visualization. Keep in mind you’re trying to deal with certain issues. Thus, visualization should address them. If you’re battling weight, you may want to picture yourself eating the right kinds of food early in the morning. If you want to boost your confidence, imagine yourself shaking hands with potential clients.

The need for a clearer visualization is one of the reasons why you should pair it with subliminal messages. The words can make it easier for you to create mental pictures. Going back to weight loss visualization, the subliminal message may be “I can see myself as someone beautiful.”

Another way to enhance your techniques is to play mp3s and CDs that are meant for such process. They already contain several subliminal messages or passages, along with certain scenarios you need to play out in your mind.

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