The Different Materials You Can Use for Getting Subliminal Messages

The Different Materials You Can Use for Getting Subliminal Messages

What are subliminal messages? Or the better question will be “How is this going to be helpful?”

In a given day, you actually receive thousands of messages from what you hear, feel, taste, see, and touch. However, you really don’t feel that you do simply because you have the conscious mind that makes use of logic and reason to filter out these messages. There are the subliminal messages, though, that pass through the conscious mind and straight to your subconscious. You don’t take note of them since they can be masked or the process of understanding and perceiving are interrupted. Nevertheless, once tapped they can be extremely powerful since they don’t have to be restrained by your conscious level of understanding.

To better understand, here’s a good example. Subliminal messages are usually used during self-hypnosis. Most of those who go through this process are facing a number of issues such as anxiety and depression. If they are going to use their conscious mind, they would not immediately get rid of the problem since it can already be clouded by negative thoughts and emotions.
What self-hypnosis will do then is to get into your subconscious and plant subliminal messages such as affirmations: “I can beat my addiction,” “I can triumph over depression,” “I am a confident person,” etc. Since they are in the unconscious, you cannot remove them from your system. Moreover, as mentioned, they are not governed by logic. Hence, they form part of you. You will just notice how easy you remember these phrases, and how convenient it is for you to feel empowered to get over whatever bad situation you find yourself in.

It also helps that there are plenty of materials you can already use for giving yourself subliminal messages.

CDs and mp3s

The most common method of acquiring subliminal messages is through the use of mp3s of CDs. They contain recordings of passages and affirmations, which are repeated several times to ensure they definitely go through your subconscious. They are also coupled with instrumental music. This is because it’s much easier for you to receive the messages when your mind is at a calm or peaceful state.


Subliminal messages can also be in the form of images. Using the example above, you may get a picture of a man erasing the word “depression” from a board. You may also have a photo of a victor. In fact, you can edit the photos to include your own image to make the message more customized to you. You can then place the images in several places all over your home, such as in front of the mirror or on the wall that faces you. You can take at least 5 minutes to just stare at the picture and absorb the message.


Videos are powerful since they combine both images and sounds. There are already several free videos available, thanks to websites such as YouTube. You can watch them anytime you like or download and store them in your iPod or mobile phone. This way, you can continue receiving subliminal messages even when you’re on the road.

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