The Blueprint to A Better Life – Your Field Guide to Renovating Your Life

The Blueprint to A Better Life – Your Field Guide to Renovating Your Life

Are you happy with absolutely all aspects of your life? Or are you almost wishing for a second life with all the destruction and mistakes that plague your current life? Don’t worry; hope is not lost. There is still a way to put all things in your life in proper order so you can improve yourself and improve your life. All it takes are these few key steps and your life will be renovated and even furnished and decorated in no time.

1. Make a blueprint of your goals and set priorities. Get a pen and paper and list down all the aspects of your life that need to be changed. These will serve as your goals in your life renovation project. And when you list them down, make sure to use a specific order. Point out which are the most important; these should be prioritized.

A simple but important reminder when you set your goals: make sure they are measurable. This means you should be able to measure or track the change or improvement in your life.

But here’s a bonus: your goals don’t have to feel realistic for you. If there is an important change you want to apply in your life but it doesn’t seem possible or there are many challenges that hinder it, put it on the list anyway.

2. Discover your ultimate tool – subliminal messages. Have you ever heard of subliminal messages? They will be the main tool you will use in your renovation project. Subliminal messages are positive proactive messages that are written and delivered in a way that targets the subconscious mind as the recipient.

Subliminal messages are very effective for self improvement. This is because they are easily absorbed by your system; they do not meet any resistance from your conscious mind. Thus, you can program these positive empowering messages into your system almost instantly; with conscious exposure to them, these messages will start turning into positive actions and behavioral patterns.

3. Construct messages for each goal. Now that you’ve discovered your powerful self transformative tool, take your list of goals and start writing down messages that target each goal. Here are some examples so you’ll know how to do it properly. Make sure to use positive and proactive words in the present tense; the messages should also be written in the first person.

For example, if you’ve gotten hooked on alcohol and it’s the first thing that has to go from your life, here are messages you may use:

I am free.

I am in control of my habits.

I choose habits that are healthy for me.

4. Relax and cultivate your mind for suggestions. Now, do this process for each of your goals using the messages you’ve created. First, schedule a subliminal messaging session; every day is better. During that session, the first thing to do is to induce relaxation for your mind. Relax your mind first so that it won’t be focused on present concerns and worries.

5. Build up the messages in your mind. Next, focus your relaxed mind on the messages you’ve formulated. Soak in these messages; aside from thinking of them, repeat them out loud and retain them in your mind. Think of them even after your subliminal sessions. You can also use subliminal software to create your own subliminal products such as audio files and video files. Then play the audio or video when you have the time; you can even leave them on as you sleep.