Subliminal Videos – Three Ways They Can Help Solve Relationship Problems

Subliminal Videos – Three Ways They Can Help Solve Relationship Problems

Do all your relationships seem to fail? And with each failed relationship, does it get harder and harder to make the next one work? Most times, the problem is not with the relationship itself. It’s not even with the people who keep on coming and going into your life. It’s not about being with the wrong guys all the time, and not being able to find the right partner.

If you’re the one who can’t seem to stay in one relationship, then your track record shows that the problem lies with you.

That sounds ominous, right? Does it mean you won’t be able to find a happy relationship anymore?

Of course not!

A daily dose of subliminal videos can help you overcome the many problems that are making it hard for you to stay in a relationship. Here are the three major ways through which subliminal videos can help you achieve success in your future relationship:

1. Remove negative feelings caused by past experiences. Every failed relationship leaves scars, like bitterness, lessons that are taken the hard and negative way, self doubt, and insecurities.

Sometimes, you also think that what caused the past relationship to fail will also be a problem with your new relationship, which is not always true because the person you’re with is already different. Thus, each relationship should begin with a clean slate. Whatever lessons you learned with the past relationship won’t necessarily apply to the new relationship.

Complete healing, which includes wiping out negative feelings and beliefs from the subconscious, can only happen through subliminal reprogramming of the mind.

2. Remove fear and doubt. The problem is, people rarely get completely healed from their past relationships. Time does not always heal, contrary to popular belief. That saying forgot to entertain the fact that the subconscious is like a sponge, and it records everything with sheer power and resilience.

Even if the memories fade, the fear and doubt that they may have caused can linger in the mind for a long time. Most times, you won’t even notice yourself getting mad at a new partner because you think he’s doing something an old partner did.

In this aspect, only subliminal programming can help.

3. Build more confidence and happiness with oneself. One common problem in relationships is co-dependency, or how a person disappears into the person he or she is with. This happens when you start to depend on your partner for most part of your life, and you can’t seem to be happy without his/her approval.

Sure, in a relationship, there should be a mutual need, but there is a point when this becomes unhealthy. Each person in a relationship should still have his/her own personality. He should still be able to make his own decisions and act on his own free will, without needing approval or go signals from the other person.

For this, you need subliminal videos that flash messages such as:

I am worthwhile and intelligent.

I am independent.

My need is healthy.

I can stand on my own.

I am aware of my own strengths.

The tendency to become co-dependent is strongest in people who are insecure, not confident and satisfied with themselves, and those who have poor self-image. Subliminal messages such as those given above can help turn a negative self-image around and thus make a person happier in himself/herself. This way, there would be no pressure or missed expectations from both sides.

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