Subliminal Videos – Three Concepts to Understand Why They’re the Most Effective Subliminal Stimuli

Subliminal Videos – Three Concepts to Understand Why They’re the Most Effective Subliminal Stimuli

1. The subliminal mind. The subliminal or the subconscious mind still remains quite a mystery despite all the technology we have around us. No one’s sure just how they work, but experts continuously work on observing and learning more about it. So far, there is one conclusion: it is utterly powerful. But to help you understand just how subliminal videos work, let’s try to break open and look into the subliminal mind.

The subliminal mind is a field of consciousness that lies deeper than the actual consciousness that we are aware of. While the consciousness we know and have control over filter through things so that we are only aware of a number of things at one time, the subconscious mind is not limited by such bounds. Instead, it absorbs every impulse and fiber of thought that makes an impression on any one of the five senses. Imagine a storage room or perhaps a filing cabinet where everything just gets stored in case they may come in handy in the future. That’s what the subliminal mind is like. And it uses the five senses to classify and record these thoughts.

From this knowledge, we learn two things:

First, it is possible, therefore, to intentionally plant a thought or belief into the subconscious mind.

Second, we can use the five senses to deliver this thought or belief. The media that we use to control the subconscious are usually called auto suggestions or, more commonly, subliminal messages.

2. Subliminal videos. Based on what we have learned so far, we will now look at why subliminal videos are the most effective way to send or plant messages into the subliminal mind. Subliminal videos often consist of images that aim to arrest and engage the conscious mind. Beneath these images, messages flash onscreen at an impressive speed. You will not be able to read it, but you know that as long as they flash in front of your eyes, they get recorded by your sense of sight and stowed away in your subliminal thought bank.

Now, while subliminal audio only enters the subliminal mind through the sense of hearing and while subliminal images only enter through the sense of sight, subliminal videos are more powerful because they enter the mind through two different senses. They can combine subliminal images and music.

3. From thought to reality. Once the subliminal messages are planted in the subconscious, the natural intelligence of this amazing part of our brains automatically transmutes these messages into physical reality. And the subconscious mind is way wiser than your conscious decisions. While you may make mistakes and commit incorrect actions, the subconscious mind always thinks and uses the most practical and the wisest means of accomplishing its purposes.

Just one reminder about the subconscious mind, though: it is active day and night. This means the moment you stop watching subliminal videos, negative feedback again have the free rein to enter your subconscious mind. This is why you need to regularly watch the videos, preferably on a daily basis, to really plant the right message. It is only through habit that the subliminal mind can be truly tamed. Once programmed, it automatically prefers to feed on positivity and will eventually learn to turn away negativity on its own.