Subliminal Suggestions: How They Work

Subliminal Suggestions: How They Work


A lot of people are now really curious about subliminal suggestions, especially those found used in advertising and in personal development. Subliminal suggestions in the personal development arena, in particular, are quite popular and have sprung into an industry all its own, an industry that takes in millions of dollar every year.

Subliminal Suggestions: How They Work

Subliminal Suggestions: How They Work

Here’s a simple guide on how they work. Subliminal suggestions can control the way you think, act, react, and behave by sending messages that are constructed and delivered in a certain way straight to the subconscious. Thus, you can get yourself to think and act in a particular way by sending suggestions to your mind. After some time, your mind will get used to the manner of thinking that you have suggested and will thus need no further prompting in order for it to work the way you want. So whenever you are faced with a circumstance, your mind can easily choose to think positively and react positively instead of go the opposite direction.


But how can you apply subliminal suggestions into your life? Generally, the process works this way:


Step one: You come up with a goal or decide on a change that you want to implement or achieve in your life.


Step two: Evaluate your current subliminal state; how does it affect your goal? So for example, if you want to lose weight, what does your mind think about losing weight? Do you think it’s possible or not?


Step three: Change your subliminal state to make it consistent with your goal. There are two steps to do this:


  • Remove the negative thoughts that contradict with your goal.
  • Send positive thoughts and beliefs that are consistent with your goal straight to your subconscious mind.


You can just customize each step of the process to make it work towards your goal.


Take note, however, that these messages take effect only when the suggestions are sent continuously. Thus, to achieve something through subliminal suggestions, you will need a lot of persistence, patience, and consistency.

What can you do with subliminal suggestions in your life? Subliminal suggestions may be silent workers, but they are extremely powerful and effective. You can use it to bring any kind of change into your life or to achieve any kind of goal. Here are some of the most common personal development projects people use subliminal suggestions for:


  • Weight loss
  • Confidence booster
  • Attracting success
  • Money-making goals
  • Smoking cessation
  • Addiction recovery
  • Stress relief
  • Trauma recovery


In fact, aside from these common goals or changes, millions of people have found creative ways to improve their lives with subliminal power. Some use it for breast enlargement, some to improve sexual performance, some even to stop snoring.


If there is any aspect of your life, big or small, that produces negative effects and is more destructive than productive, then you can rely on the power of the subliminal mind to make a change in such aspects of life. You can use subliminal suggestions to smooth out all the edges in your life and make it as beneficial as possible.


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