Subliminal Messaging – How to Prevent Post Partum Depression using Positivity

Subliminal Messaging – How to Prevent Post Partum Depression using Positivity

An increasing number of women are now seeing for themselves the reality behind the concept of post-partum depression. Research shows that 10 percent of women experience major post partum depression after giving birth, and this has caused lasting effects on them. A greater percentage, at about 30 to 80 percent, experience a certain level of depression that, though mild, nevertheless affects their self-esteem and state of mind.

Post partum depression, also known as baby blues, is usually accompanied by a lot of weeping, fatigue, mood swings, and irritability. It has been attributed to many factors, such as hormonal changes. It can last anywhere between a few hours and a couple of weeks, although it occurs longer in some women. In fact, some women have had to seek treatment such as a medication or a therapy, or both, just to get past this difficult stage.

But the time after childbirth is an amazing stage in a woman’s life. It should not be accompanied by depression. If you want to keep post partum depression at bay or at least at a minimum, all you need are:

1. “Me” Time. Some women say that postpartum depression is accompanied by thoughts of the sacrifices that you have made and are expected to make due to the major change in your life, now that you’re a new mother. So after pregnancy, it is important not to forget about yourself and your needs, even in the frenzy caused by your new baby.

Take as much time as you can for yourself, regardless of whether this means just a few extra minutes in the bathroom when you take a bath. This way, you can still pamper yourself and care for your body. Since self esteem is one of the first to go in the face of post partum depression, having the time to care for your body and actually doing so can already help a lot because it makes you feel that you are still taking care of yourself and you haven’t let yourself go.

2. Self Care – A Plan for Yourself from the Beginning of Your Pregnancy. Most unplanned pregnancies are more likely to be followed by post partum depression because the new mother did not have a set plan for herself before the pregnancy. There are many unexpected things to prepare for after pregnancy, and when a new mom is not fully prepared for these, postpartum depression has an easier way in.

So while you’re pregnant, make a plan of how you are to take care of yourself, both during and after pregnancy. Don’t let yourself go completely and don’t use your pregnancy as an excuse to look crappy and bloated. Look for ways on how to deal with the common issues related to pregnancy and do something about them. For example, there is no reason to gain an excess amount of weight that you can’t get off after you give birth; this is a result of poor eating decisions and lifestyle choices during pregnancy.

Your self care plan should include:

A nutritional plan

A rest/sleep plan

A body/skin care regimen

A weight plan

This way, you know how to deal with the changes that may occur in you and in your body, and will therefore be prepared to face them.

3. Positive Thoughts. Most importantly, you need the power of positive thoughts. There is a scary number of destructive thoughts that can bother a vulnerable you after giving birth. But if you keep your mind securely focused on positive thoughts, it will pose a stronger resistance against these destructive thoughts. This way, post partum depression won’t get a free pass into your life.

You can fill your head with positive thoughts by sending subliminal messages straight to your subconscious mind. This way, no matter what negativity tries to enter your life through your conscious mind, it won’t penetrate through because your subconscious has been programmed to always look at the bright side of things, which will now revolve around your new baby, who is yet another reason for you to live positively.