Subliminal Messaging – How It All Began A Brief History

Subliminal Messaging – How It All Began A Brief History

The phenomenon known as subliminal messaging, is now an extremely popular one. A lot of people now use it for various purposes ranging from personal to professional ones. It has become so notorious that many governments have even taken to banning the use of such messages from advertising. This phenomenon is so deeply embedded in society that no one really bothers to look back at how they were discovered.

How It All Began. Studies involving subliminal messaging can be traced all the way back to the 1960s. Prior to this wide-scale discovery, it is believed that the CIA already conducted an extensive study on the subject. It was only in the 1960s that independent researchers discovered the power of the subconscious mind. After that, it took but ten years for advertisers to spring on this ultimate selling weapon: the power to persuade without consumers being aware that they are being influenced.

Why the Controversy? Proof of studies conducted by the CIA shows that subliminal messaging is not a hoax. But why all this controversy and all the debate as to whether it really works? This whole controversy can be blamed on the famous James Vicary experiment.

In the James Vicary study, Vicary claimed to have displayed subliminal messages during the trailers in a movie screening. The messages subliminally commanded the viewers to drink soda and eat popcorn. And during that particular screening, he claimed that the sales of soda and popcorn were twice the usual. This created such a strong reaction from the mass media.

However, after some time, reports surfaced that Vicary himself admitted that the whole experiment was staged.

Due to all these, people simply got confused when it came to subliminal messaging. Now, even when scientific proof has been presented, the general confusion seemed to stick.

The Evolution of Subliminal Messaging. When it was first discovered, subliminal messaging mostly relied on videos as the main medium for the delivery of the messages. In early experiments, the messages were hidden in between frames in videos. This technique is still in use nowadays and is still considered as the most effective way to get the hidden messages across. This is why subliminal videos are still the bestselling subliminal products around.

Soon, however, other subliminal products were developed. These include subliminal CDs, subliminal mp3 files, subliminal software that automatically delivered hidden messages while you work on your computer, and so on. The technology was also mixed with other mind control and mind power techniques, such as meditation, brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, and so on. The development of these new products helped this phenomenon reach new heights. Aside from their much controversial use in advertising, they also became more popularly linked to personal development.

Since it is considered unethical and illegal in some places to use these messages on other people without their consent, proponents of subliminal messaging are emphasizing the use of these messages in positive personal development. It became the most promising tool people can use to improve various aspects of their lives. And when people discovered its effectiveness in helping them lose weight, quit smoking, and earn more money, the rest was simply history.