Subliminal Messages – What You Should Do when You’re Racially Discriminated

What You Should Do when You’re Racially Discriminated

Sure, the world is divided into different races, but there should not be one that is considered superior among the rest. Nevertheless, there are thousands of people who are victims of racial discrimination.

What You Should Do when You're Racially Discriminated

What You Should Do when You're Racially Discriminated

How do you know that you’re racially discriminated? There are plenty for scenarios you can think about, primarily because it can happen anywhere. Nevertheless, these are the common ones:


  • You cannot get the job you like.
  • You are fired or demoted from your job.
  • You sit different from the rest.
  • People call you names.
  • They insult your family and where they came from.


What Should You Do?


Should you react or not? What should I do? These are the typical questions people ask. They want to make sure that they’re definitely doing the right thing. If you ever find yourself racially discriminated, do the following:


Report it to the authorities. Your right as a person regardless of your races is properly protected by the constitution and by the law. If you think you are discriminated by others, then you have to report it immediately to the higher authorities. For example, if your manager or supervisor is not treating you fairly, you can appeal your case to the business owner.


Learn to just ignore. There are times when certain things should just be ignored. For instance, you can ignore other people’s jeers or name calling. As long as it doesn’t change how you see yourself as a person, there’s no reason to fight over it. You need to learn how to choose your own battles.


Be very aware of the rules. If you want to know if you have the right to sue a person or a company because of racial discrimination, then you also have to read the rules. Offices, especially the big ones, have them. Normally you will be provided of handbooks or rule books during your orientation.


Work with a lawyer. Getting a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to sue. It’s just that you want to be more aware of your rights against racial discrimination. Many of them are currently working pro bono, which means you can obtain consultations without any charges. Some of them can already be found online, though one of the best ways to obtain their name is through word-of-mouth referrals.


Boost your self-confidence even more. When it feels like a lot of people are against you, it’s so easy to suffer from depression and anxiety. You will start to feel that you’re really not good enough and not worthy of something. You begin to believe what other people are telling you.


These should not happen. Instead, when you’re racially discriminated, the more you have to exert an effort that you count for something.


You can use subliminal messages to increase your self-confidence or self-image. When you’re feeling down or vulnerable, just tell yourself the following:


I am a valuable person.

I am one with the world.

I deserve to be loved, in as much as I deserve to love.



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