Subliminal Messages – Top Tips for Those Who Want to Visualize

Subliminal Messages – Top Tips for Those Who Want to Visualize

Visualization is actually one of the best techniques you can implement when you want to resolve a lot of issues in your life. Many have learned how to change their thought patterns and thus their behavior.

You too can make visualization work in your life, even if you’re not really facing something very grave. You can use it to further boost your confidence level or perhaps change an annoying part of your personality.

Here are some tips you can remember when doing visualization:

Do this when you’re not busy. Visualization is almost like daydreaming. The only difference is there’s the feeling of motivation. After all, you are expecting to see some results after.

Visualization requires the use of images and sometimes sound. Thus, it requires full concentration from you. You cannot be bothered. Find the best time to do visualization. It can be in the morning or at night. It can be in the middle of your work, but make sure you are not doing anything else besides doing visualization.

Make yourself comfortable. Any sign of inconvenience can be detrimental to your goal to relax and visualize. This is because it normally steals your attention. For example, if you’re not comfortable with the room temperature, the hotness or coldness can definitely bother you. Before you know it, your mind is already wandering off.

One of the major rules in visualization is to be very comfortable. Some can visualize sitting, while most will prefer to lie down. It’s all up to you how to position yourself. Just make sure you won’t fall asleep or slouch to avoid feeling back pains.

Visualize according to your need. You can customize your visualization techniques based on what you’re going through. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with some personal issues, perhaps addiction or loss of self-confidence. You will feel the real effects of the exercise when you do so.

Create positive scenarios. Like meditation, visualization is performed normally to change your way of thinking. Of course, if you’re a positive person, there’s not much to modify. You may not even have to do anything at all, but probably to keep that level of positivity.

Simply put, you normally visualize if you’re dealing with negative thoughts and emotions. For your visualization you can create positive situations or scenarios.

Here’s an example: If you’re dealing with plenty of insecurities, imagine yourself stomping on insects. These pests represent all your insecurities. As you stomp, you can then put in subliminal messages into your subconscious. The subliminal messages can include “I am a unique person,” “I love myself to allow others to hurt me,” or “I have talents and skills other people don’t have.”

Visualize regularly. Visualization, along with subliminal messages, usually works with your subconscious, and this part of your mind is hard to deal with. It’s not often tapped. To get the most out of the exercise, you need to visualize as often as you can. You may also have to repeat the subliminal messages many times during the session.

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