Subliminal Messages – Make $6,666 Per Night (While You Sleep)!

Speaking of Subliminal Messages, Have you ever seen a plate juggler?

These are clowns that have these 3 foot rods and they spin glass plates on them to please the crowd. They spin them off of their nose, off of their foot, both hands all at the same time without
dropping a plate and breaking it.

If I where to give you $6,666 right now to juggle 5 plates at the same time for 10 seconds, could you do it?

I doubt it, but I’m sure there are some plate spinners on this list that could.

If you think you could do it, imagine that an enemy was sitting in front of you with a blow dart gun shooting sharp, steel tipped darts at you while you where trying to spin these plates.

Impossible… unless there was a bulletproof protector and you where trained to do this.

Ever heard the term “Muscle Memory”? It is the actual ability for your muscles to remember what to do to successfully spin these plates with little input from the conscious mind.

Ever heard of the term “Money Attraction Memory”?

Probably not, because I just made it up…

It is the actual ability of your subconscious mind to successfully make money, attract money, whatever you want to call it… with little input from your conscious mind.

With proper training — Subliminal Messages — you can do while you are sleeping.

You might be sitting there going, “Who is Nelson Berry and why should I listen to him”?

The most important thing you need to know is that this is not how I make my money. I do this more as service work than anything else.

Secondly, I learned a secret in college…

I was home from college on a holiday and scoured my father’s bookshelf…  and found it…   you know the one… Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I didn’t pick up on “it” at that

I was a competitive Martial Arts Fighter in my teenage years and early 20’s and Bruce Lee, founder of Jeet Koon Do, was a hero of mine. JKD is based on what works. It was the Mixed
Martial Arts of it’s time. To Make a long story short, Bruce Lee attributed a lot of his success to the book Think & Grow Rich. I didn’t pick up on “it” then.

For the sake of berevity, I picked up this book when I needed and job and studied it hard. Shortly thereafter, I was in charge of marketing for a company that had $500 thousand in
sales at the ripe old age of 23. We took that company from $.5 Million in Sales To $35 Million in Sales within 10 Years.

The company,, was sold and the smart ones on our team who invested wisely retired.

I retired at 33 Years old. 90% of the success I had in those years was due to Subliminal Messages and Subconscious Programming.

As I have said before, your life is not your master, it is your child.

I think that is a ridiculous word, retirement. I could never “retire” like they do in the movies, I am far too competitive for that AND I had a secret I had developed that needed to be shared with more people.

Let’s just say, at 33, I was allowed to work in my underwear from home when I wanted to.

Guess what I did?

I showed everyone else my trick.  It’s like a card trick in that it makes money out of thin air. This isn’t hocus pocus and these are legitimate business transactions. The trick was being able to
“attract” people, sales, companies, partners, etc… to hit my financial goals.

Many of you have experience with this. To some it seems like magic.

Regardless of what it seems like, here’s what it is:

– A Way To Make Your Dreams Come True!

– A Way To Excel FASTER Than Your Competitors WITHOUT Working Harder!

– A Was To Add Years To Your Life By Getting More Done In Less Time!

A sample of typical testimonials we get around here…

Q: What are we offering you?

A: An average monthly income of $200,000 with a 60 day guarantee.

We include full instructions on how to use this video EXACTLY!

The “instructions” we are giving you have been purchased for over $500,000. You get them free.

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With Respect,
PS.  Regardless of what it seems like, here’s what it is: 

– A Way To Make Your Dreams Come True!

– A Way To Excel FASTER Than Your Competitors WITHOUT Working Harder!

– A Was To Add Years To Your Life By Getting More Done In Less Time!

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