Subliminal Messages – How To Use Fear To Your Advantage

Subliminal Messages – How To Use Fear To Your Advantage

There are some very powerful emotions that plague the human life. These emotions hold power because they have the tendency to influence people’s actions and thoughts once they set in. So if you can control these emotions, then this means you also gain control over people’s actions and thoughts.

Subliminal Messages - How To Use Fear To Your Advantage

This is the discipline of mind control. And one very good tool used in controlling the mind is fear.

Fear has its way of twisting people’s thinking and perceptions, and it impacts people’s actions a lot. A person who is afraid of getting sick will do something about it, like eat healthier food, exercise more, and so on. A person who is afraid of getting robbed will go out and buy the latest security system for his home.

If you know what instills fear in people, you also have the knowledge and the power to influence them.

1. Identify their fears. The first step to do this is to identify people’s fears. Everyone has fears. Some of them are common, while some are stronger in some people than in others. A person’s age, gender, status in life, occupation, and several other factors can determine what fears the person has.

For example, people who are well-off are afraid of suddenly becoming poor. People who are poor are afraid of not having enough to sustain their needs. Although fear affects each individual uniquely, the triggers are usually the same.

2. Win their trust. Before they actually listen to you, you first need to gain their trust. One way to do this is to reassure them and build them up.

3. Empower them. Now, when people are afraid, they tend to want to back off and avoid whatever it is they are scared of. But if you want to get them to do something from their fear, the initial reaction of backing off is definitely not the response to fear that you want.

So what you do is, you empower them. Make them feel stronger. Make them think that they are stronger than their fears, so they can face their fears and do something about it. Taking action is usually the best response to fear, and if you have a product that will allow them to face their fears, then you’re about to get a sale. You can find many examples of this through advertising using subliminal messages of fear.

You can empower them using subliminal programming. You can give them subliminal messages that go straight to their subconscious to make them believe the following:

I am stronger than my fear.

I will face my fear.

I will do something about my fear.

I will take action.

I find fear motivating.

Once they realize that the only way to face their fear is to take action, make sure you’re there to let them know what they need to do.

4. Tell them what to do. Step in and offer your product or your suggestion. The fear coupled with the need to take action makes them vulnerable to suggestions and influences. You just need to know how to handle fear, instill the right response to it, and provide a way out.