Subliminal Messages – How To Change People’s Minds And Decisions

Subliminal Messages – How To Change People’s Minds And Decisions

Thought and decision-making all happen in the brain, and the brain goes through a complex process before it makes a decision. The person’s conscious state simply gives a go signal to these decisions. If you want to make someone agree with you or see things you way, all it takes is a few thrusts to the right direction, and this is where subliminal persuasion comes in.

Subliminal Messages - How To Change People's Minds And Decisions

1. Choose Your Tool. If you want to change people’s minds and decisions without their conscious mind blocking you, you have to communicate directly with their brains. You can do these by sending signals that are similar to the language used by the brain – brainwaves. Brainwave entrainment or communication through subliminal messages that the brain can process without the knowledge of the conscious mind is a very common and controversial subject.

Subliminal research has shown that these hidden messages have proven helpful in curbing bad habits, helping insomniac people to fall asleep, and improving one’s overall attitude, among many other promised benefits. But one controversial power it has is the ability to change people’s minds. All it takes is to match the frequency used by the brain to communicate directly to it.

2. Choose Your Frequency. The brain operates at different frequencies. You have to know the active frequency being used if you want to gain access to the brain.

During waking hours, the normal frequency of an active and very conscious brain is 12hz to 38hz. This falls to just 8hz to 11hz when a person is about to go to sleep or is more relaxed like when he is watching TV. This is a good frequency to use to input subliminal messages to the brain. The brain then reaches 3hz to 8hz when a person sleeps, then down to 0.2hz to 3hz in the deepest sleep state.

Sending messages at the right frequency is like leaving breadcrumbs for the brain to follow, ultimately leading to a particular decision. So that’s all you have to do to change one’s mind or decision. You don’t need to convince the person in his conscious state. You can simply plant tracks that will lead the brain to the decision you are enforcing.

3. Buy Your Subliminal Technology. This is a very powerful tool, but one that could be very tricky and offers no guarantee. But if you do it the right way, you can get the results you want. The best subliminal products are available from professionals, but you can even download them for free from the Internet. You can buy subliminal DVD, scripts, images, and so on.

You can also download for free “How to Create My Own Custom Subliminal Messages” software that allows you to create the most effective messages that will serve your purpose.

To change people’s minds and decisions in weight loss, you can send messages such as:

I am not fat.

I will eat right.

I love eating healthy foods.

To change people’s minds about smoking, the messages can go like these:

I love breathing freely.

I will have a long healthy life.

I love fresh and clean air.

Of course, there are limits to what you can do with this powerful mind mastering tool. There are some companies that offer subliminal messaging services for specific uses only limited to weight loss, self-confidence or self-esteem, positive mindsets, business success, pain relief, and so on, as some examples.

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