Subliminal Messages & Honesty

You are  a Liar!

Firstly, I didn’t mean that in a derogatory way,
to insult you or say that you are a bad person!
Today we are going to take another look at the
concept of honesty at it relates to manifesting.

Secondly, manifesting is all about “lying” to
ourselves. Dreaming. Hoping. Praying. Making
up scenarios that we want to happen and P.D.R.
them in our minds so many times that it becomes
a habit (PDR = Practice, Drill & Rehearse).

Thirdly, manifesting is only a “lie” until it
truly manifests itself and then it is not a “lie”.

Going into it though… THIS is where people are
having problems.  Getting started. Honesty.

Is being dishonest with yourself in a dream as if
it where real ok or not?

On the other hand, is it ok for you to be dishonest
about your circumstances in terms of the urgency, severity
and “lack” that surrounds you in a given area of your
life that needs to be improved pronto (i.e. If you don’t
have $100,000 emergency “stand by” cash in the bank, you
have a VERY SEVERE AND URGENT problem that needs to be
addressed immediately.)

You might think, “$100 GRAND? Where am I going to get that
much money? I only make $XXX”?

Let me ask you a question…

“What do you think Tom Cruise is doing in every movie he is

Think about it. Some call it acting, pretending, portraying,
interpreting, and many other names for it.

One of the names, although strong, is “Lying”.

Every time he is stepping into character, what is he doing?
He is lying through his teeth! Words and actions that completely
misrepresent himself and portrays a “character”.

Is he hurting anyone?

Is he doing a good job?

Is he rich beyond rich?

So does this mean that lying is a good thing?

Here is the bottom line on this.

While we, in manifesting, do the same thing as Tom
Cruise does, many are conflicted on this part of it… therefore
don’t do it.

In the last sentence I wrote, let’s look real close at the word

Here’s how the whole manifestation process works.

A. We define what we want as specific as possible.
B. We do some exercises that portray us “as if” we have received
or accomplished our objective.
C. We PDR this over and over and over… UNTIL WE ARE NOT CONFLICTED!
D. Some call this being “congruent” – everything lines up.
E. With normal techniques, it takes 21 days. With ours, it takes less.


The problem here is this blurry gray area “lying/ dishonesty/ bad” which
can be misinterpreted.

It only feels bad at first. It’s just like anything. It feels strange the
first time.

Have a Dream > Pretend it is Real > PDR Daily > Repeat!

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