subliminal messages – did you see that?

You’re a good guy. You read all the books and
try all the exercises you can get your hands
on. You are open minded and have a strong will
(maybe too strong). You are a walking, talking
badass but you do not have everything you want
AND are willing to learn new ways to get it.

Subliminal Messages.

With all the info flying around, no wonder. And
since we can’t see most of these people (on the
internet) makes it even worse. You get pitched
from every direction about everything under the
sun. This guy says this. The other guy says that.
He says his is better that the other guys. Sometimes
it gets ugly and trying to find your way through
this jungle of suggestions and offerings is expensive;
both in time and money.

You want to know what the real problem is?

You don’t know what you want.


Yeah, you may know generally what you want, but…

Let’s say you want a new car.

What color is it?

What does it smell like?

What kind of doors does it have?

What does it sound like when you shut the doors?

How big is the trunk?

What is the color of the carpeting in the trunk?

Is the spare in the trunk or under the car or mounted
on a off-road-rack?

How many spares do you have?

How do you change the oil in it?

What does it feel like to sit in it?

What type of seats does it have?

How many seats does it have?

What does it feel like when you rub your hand access
the seats?

How do you feel when you look at the car and know it’s yours?

How does it feel driving?

Is it fast? Automatic or stick shift?


You see what I mean?

It’s not around to “want” a car!

BIG DEAL…  That’s it.  Lesson here is to get FOCUSED on what you
want and…   again, some people call it vision, some people call it
holograph, hologram, 3-D, you can call it whatever you want to, but it
comes down to one thing.

At the last count:, I have a:

–  Master Hypnotist Certification.

–  Master NLP Practitioner, Coach & Trainer for over 20 years.

–  Master Life Coach Certification.

–  Master Reiki Practitioner and Healer.

–  Master Guided Imagery & Visualization Practitioner & Trainer.


Close your eyes and look up in the air and imagine you see a plane flying
overhead. Now, With your eyes still closed, imagine that you are in that plane,
right then, flying in it in 110% detail.  As many of you know, it is all in the
details.  In the car example, It could be something as simple as the feeling of
the carpet on your feet while you are driving.  Find that one detail that you need
to anchor in on and what happens!

Once you do this ONE TIME, YOU WILL BE FREE

– free of a job.

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– free to do whatever you want to at ANY time.

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Subliminal Messages.

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