Subliminal Messages – Deal With Anger a Lot Better Through Meditation

Subliminal Messages – Deal With Anger a Lot Better Through Meditation

Seriously, who doesn’t get angry? In fact, you’re advised to never hold back your anger as it can have detrimental effects in your psychology and physiology. You often find people suffering from sudden heart attacks or depression because of repressed anger.

However, it becomes dangerous if it starts destroying you or your relationship with others. A normal anger should not last for a very long time. If it does, then it’s something you should learn to get rid of before it consumes you.

If you have any repressed anger or if you have a tendency to harbor such negative emotion against someone for a longer period, you may want to do some meditation.

How Meditation Works against Anger

Meditation is actually one of the biggest secrets of the happiest man in the world. A monk, he has full control over his negative emotions, allowing himself to regulate depression, pain, and, yes, anger. If it works for him, then definitely it will work for you.

But how does meditation helps you control or even get rid of anger? There are many ways. First, it relaxes your body parts. Haven’t you noticed how your body tends to go stiff when you think of something or someone that angers you? As they say, your blood boils.

Meditation can help calm these stiff nerves and body parts by allowing you to take in some air. When you inhale air, you can feel the lungs and abdomen expand. You will also release some tension at the back. When you exhale, the lungs and shoulders will fall down and begin to relax.

It’s also in meditation you can achieve a much clearer mind. A good reason why you should never get angry all the time or for longer periods is because it makes you irrational. You cannot make better judgment or decision for yourself. You can become rash, and sometimes act selfishly against someone.

When you meditate, you are actually weeding out your mind. By concentrating on your breaths, you become more aware of the present moment and not on the things that may be causing you a lot of emotional stress.

It’s also very easy for you to apply subliminal messages or affirmations when you’re meditating. The mind, especially the subconscious, becomes more open or receptive to almost anything. Some of the subliminal messages you can use include the following:

I am much stronger than this anger.
I am finally letting go of my anger.
I find no more reason to be angry.
I have the capacity to forgive and love.
I am the ruler of my emotions and can conquer anger.

These subliminal messages, when repeated several times, can get into your subconscious, a part of your mind that is not governed by logic and reason. Hence, you can no longer discard the subliminal messages. Instead, you can tap on them if you wish to change your thought patterns. As your subconscious continuously repeat the messages, you start to believe these affirmations, and before you know it, you are actually changing your perception about your anger.

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