Subliminal Messages – 5 Tips to Say Goodbye to Teacher Stress

Subliminal Messages – 5 Tips to Say Goodbye to Teacher Stress

Statistics now show that almost 90% of all teachers suffer from moderate to high stress levels because of the many pressures and demands of their jobs. If you’re a teacher, you probably know exactly what kind of stress we’re talking about. All jobs are generally accompanied by a lot of stress, but teachers face a greater deal because of the more dynamic nature of their jobs.

Subliminal Messages - 5 Tips to Say Goodbye to Teacher Stress

Subliminal Messages - 5 Tips to Say Goodbye to Teacher Stress

On any given day, a teacher has to prepare lessons, conduct lessons, and handle classroom after classroom full of cranky, rowdy students ranging from uncontrollable little kids to rebellious teens. After classes, teachers have to check and grade homework and exams one by one, prepare other paperwork for reporting to their superiors, prepare for parent-teacher meetings, and so on. Add to this the role they play on disciplining and supporting students. And when angry parents come complaining, they have to deal with that as well.

Given all these, all teachers should definitely have their own stress relieving techniques. If not, the constant stress may affect their health and may even negatively affect their performance and therefore endanger their career. Here are some of the best and the most effective stress busting techniques that are easy for teachers to do and fit into their busy schedules.

1. Exercise. Exercise can help keep a person healthy, not just physically but also mentally. This makes it an invaluable stress relieving technique for teachers. Unfortunately, some teachers complain about not having enough time, but a short exercise regime every morning or every week can already bring a lot of advantages.

2. Eat well. Most teachers tend to suffer health problems because they start skipping meals due to their busy schedules. One of the easiest ways for stress to catch up with you is when you start slowing down. Not getting enough nutrition from a balanced diet will surely slow you down. So even when you’re having a busy day at school, make sure to take a break and eat a proper meal.

3. Set aside time for yourself. You’re a teacher at school, but you can leave the role behind sometimes too. One of the best ways to prevent teacher burnout is to spend time on other activities that you do for yourself. Set aside time to pamper yourself or engage in activities that you enjoy. And make sure to engage in such activities during the school year, not just during the summer vacation.

4. Don’t be too emotional and sensitive. Teachers should also know where to draw the line between their job and their personal lives. If they encounter problems with some of their students, teachers should not take it personally.

5. Think positively. Most of all, teachers should maintain a positive perception about the job. This will help add to his or her motivation. One of the best ways to keep a positive mind is to use subliminal messages that are sent directly to the subconscious. Once planted in the subconscious, that thought remains embedded despite efforts of the conscious mind to change course.

Subliminal messages can help you, as a teacher, maintain a positive perception about your job and to prevent stress from overwhelming you. These messages can condition your subconscious so it will not be affected by any negative feedback you receive. If your subconscious is happy and fulfilled, you will be too, and your actions and behavior will show it.

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