Subliminal Messages – The Simple Secret to Becoming a Financial Expert

Subliminal Messages – The Simple Secret to Becoming a Financial Expert

Do numbers baffle you? Does accounting sound more like gibberish to you? Unfortunately, numbers are of primary importance in the business world. Knowledge with numbers is an effective way to get noticed or get promoted in an office, and is the only way of succeeding in your own business, if you have one.

Unfortunately, not all people are born with a natural ease with numbers. Fortunately, there is now a way to re-wire your mind’s programming so you can easily learn financial professions without any resistance from your brain.

This way is “subliminal learning.” Subliminal learning financial professions sends subliminal messages to your subconscious to make it more open to learning, to remove negative connotations often associated with financial professions, and to instill the right attitude that makes learning easier and more effective. Subliminal learning is especially effective for financial professions that require a lot of memorization and mathematical skills. In fact, this new method of learning financial professions is so effective that it can even help you ace professional financial exams such as the Series 3 exams.

There are several books about subliminal learning that you can check out to understand this concept better. It is now widely used in the learning realm, and there have even been studies of its effects when it is used on children. Subliminal learning is said to make the mind more able to absorb new information better and remove the pressure and anxiety from learning.

1. Listen to subliminal CDs or MP3s. There are a lot of subliminal learning tools you can use to master financial professions. If you have poor memory, which is bad if you want to succeed in math and finance, you can use subliminal learning tools for memory retention. There are CDs and MP3s specifically designed to help you more able to retain information and to make your memory stronger. You can listen to these subliminal CDs or MP3s during your free time. Some people also say that listening to them when you’re sleeping also brings added results.

The subliminal messages in these CDs or MP3s are delivered in a rhythmic sound that mimics the different brainwave frequencies. Most of them are set at a frequency below that of the brain’s conscious state; more specifically, this is the “beta” state, a more relaxed state just under being fully awake. Messages sent through the beta frequency are not noticed by the alpha, the widely alert state, but instantly get easily absorbed by the subconscious.

2. Seek Positive Affirmations. You can also welcome new knowledge into your mind by thinking positively. For this, you will need positive affirmations that can convince your mind that you are perfectly able to learn financial professions.

Some examples of positive subliminal affirmations you can use are:

I am a mathematical genius.

I like to overcome challenges.

Math is easy.

I can solve any problem.

My mind is a powerful calculator.

Math is simple to me.

I’m a natural problem-solver.

3. Motivation through visualization. You can also add some extra motivation through visualization. Visualization means thinking of images and pictures that symbolize success in learning financial professions. There are subliminal products that can expose your brain to guided imagery and positive visuals. The purpose of these visualizations is to motivate the mind by showing it what it would be like to achieve success in financial professions.

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