Subliminal Messages – How to Conquer the Need for Revenge

Subliminal Messages – How to Conquer the Need for Revenge

Have you ever felt the need to get revenge on someone? Surely you have, as everyone else has. The real questions are, what did you do about it and what happened afterwards? The fact is that any action born out of anger and the need for revenge never leads to anything good. So what you should do is conquer that need.

Subliminal Messages – How to Conquer the Need for Revenge

The need for revenge is very powerful trigger and comes nearly innate in all of us. The idea of revenge is one that’s so familiar to our human nature that little kids have no problem picking it up when they get into fights with their playmates.

So how can you overcome something innate, something seemingly embedded in your human nature?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you plan your revenge.

1. Why Do You Need to Have Revenge? Revenge is often the destructive result of anger. When you get hurt, you can either use the anger constructively or destructively. The constructive way of dealing with anger is to use it to improve yourself. The destructive way is to use it against other people, and that’s where revenge comes in. Dealing with anger properly can help you realize the futility of revenge.

2. What Underlying Feelings Provoke this Need? Usually, the need for revenge is caused by other underlying feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, insecurity, or the inability to accept one’s weaknesses.

If someone hits you where it hurts, instead of objectively recognizing your own flaw and trying to overcome it, you try to cover up by focusing on the other person’s flaws.

But wouldn’t it benefit you more if you recognize these underlying feelings and take the chance to resolve your issues? Instead of being defensive about them, accept your weaknesses, so other people can’t use them to hurt you. Then think about your strengths to quench those feelings of insecurity and inferiority.

3. What Will You Get Out of It? What happens when you get revenge? What outcome are you expecting? Chances are that the other party will again get revenge on you, and the vicious cycle will continue on. At the end of the day, both of you will be hurt and challenged.

Revenge will not make you victorious. It will only make you stoop down to the same level of the person who hurt you. How does that make you any better?

4. What Does Revenge Make You Feel? Is it true that revenge is sweet? Those who seek revenge usually feel spiteful, rebellious, resentful, bitter, hardhearted, vindictive, hateful, aggressive, antagonistic, and so on.

Revenge may make you feel strong, but you are using your strength negatively. Revenge may make you feel self-satisfied, but the exhilaration of revenge eventually passes and when that happens, remorse and guilt take its place.

Before you get revenge, think of this: am I likely to regret my vengeful actions?

Forget Revenge and Control Anger with Subliminal Anger Management Techniques

Proper anger management is the only solution to the problem of wanting revenge. And one of the most effective anger management techniques, subliminal perception, can help in this as well.

Here are some subliminal messages you can apply:

I am able to forgive.

I will concentrate on personal growth.

I am happy with the people around me.

I am content with my life.

I choose solutions that will make me a better person.

I always react rationally and with understanding and calmness.

Subliminal messages can help you overcome anger and use it constructively, so it won’t lead to revenge. They can also change your perspective about revenge so you won’t find any need for it anymore.

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