Subliminal Messages – Always Live in Excess and Abundance from Now On

Subliminal Messages – Always Live in Excess and Abundance from Now On

Are you tired of always having just enough to get by? Are you exhausted of always being stressed out by the fact that you don’t have extra cash saved up for a rainy day? Are you sick of having to cut back at all times or hold back when you want to buy something so bad?

Subliminal Messages – Always Live in Excess and Abundance from Now On

Subliminal Messages – Always Live in Excess and Abundance from Now On

You are not meant to live that way. You are meant to never feel that fear and to live in complete financial security. Remember, you are the master of your own life; if you choose to live in abundance, then that’s what you should do. If you exert a lot of effort in your job, then you deserve the fruit of that effort and more. Do not settle for “just enough” when you can have so much more. After all, who’s to say that the riches in the world isn’t yours for the taking.

1. Change your state of mind. The secret lies in how you perceive yourself, your status, and your financial position. If your mind is conditioned to believe that life is abundant and rich, it will guide you to what you need to do to achieve that abundant and prosperous state. But if you think that you will never get enough in life, your mind will not be motivated to search for the hidden treasures of the world.

So if you want to change your hand-to-mouth existence into a life of abundance and excess, you need to change your state of mind, and you can do that with the power of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are what you need to invite abundance into your life so you will always have enough money going around.

2. Beware of negative feedback. The mind can be very tricky most times. Even if you consciously motivate yourself to think about living an abundant life, you cannot prevent the onset of negative feedback, such as self doubt or perhaps a negative perception of the world’s wealth distribution in general. Once these negative thoughts kick in, you start to wonder the following:

Am I really capable of achieving excess wealth?

Do I really deserve a rich and abundant life?

Is the world really fair enough to give me the fruits of all my hard work?

These can turn into discouraging statements that rule over your life such as:

I will never be capable enough to achieve excess wealth.

I don’t deserve a rich and abundant life.

The world is unfair and will not allow me to be rich even if I work hard all day long.

When you start thinking that way, you also start asking yourself, “why work?” or “why bother?” And what happens? You settle in your state of poverty and having “just enough.”

3. Think positive thoughts. On the other hand, positive subliminal messages can speak directly to your subconscious mind. They can tell your mind:

I am fully capable of achieving maximum wealth.

Abundance comes naturally to me.

I deserve success, prosperity, and abundance.

My life is lavish and overflowing.

I can create the income I want.

The messages get automatically embedded into your subconscious, so it is not filtered out anymore. Your conscious mind, which is not immune to the influences of the world, will not be able to contradict the positive messages with negative ones.

Thus, you will automatically have a more positive perception about abundance and wealth in life, even without you consciously thinking about it. And automatically, your mind will start looking for ways to maximize the wealth and abundance it fully believes in. With the power and resourcefulness of the mind, you will live in excess and abundance in no time.

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