Subliminal Messages – 5 Tips to Become the Popular One

Subliminal Messages – 5 Tips to Become the Popular One

Do you want to be the popular one? Be it in campus or in the office, if you want to have a comfortable reign as the popular one, the one everyone knows and likes, then here are a few tips that will help you get the popularity award.

Subliminal Messages – 5 Tips to Become the Popular One

Subliminal Messages – 5 Tips to Become the Popular One

1. Ask yourself why. First of all, before pursuing popularity, ask yourself why you want it. Or, a more specific question would be, what do you want to be popular for? This is important because there are many ways to be popular, and you have to use the right techniques that will give you the type of popularity you need.

2. Accept weaknesses and be at peace with yourself. Once you know exactly what you want to be known for, you first have to come to terms with yourself. You are not perfect, so you cannot be popular for being so. You have flaws and weaknesses that can hinder you from being outgoing and social. If you are not at peace with these, you will always feel them holding you back. But if you accept who you are, both the good and the bad, you will be proud of yourself no matter what. You will be more confident in exerting yourself because you are at peace with your own limits but also acknowledge your own strengths. It is far easier to make friends when you have no qualms about who you are.

The problem is, how exactly can you do that? Thankfully, you can turn to subliminal messaging so you can establish peace with who you are. Subliminal messages are messages that are delivered right to the inner recesses of your mind: your subconscious mind. This way, the messages can convince you of anything without any resistance from your conscious mind.

So even if you do not consciously accept your weaknesses, once positive messages are sent into your subconscious, you will simply find yourself coming to terms with them without any conscious effort. Your mindset just gets modified. Some examples of subliminal messages may be:

I am at peace with myself.

I see things positively.

I look on the bright side of things.

I acknowledge and appreciate who I really am.

3. Blaze your own trail, be your own person. Try not to blend in with the crowd or always go with the trend. Always try to be your own person, so you will be known as you. Have your own opinions and preferences; don’t just go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s these unique things and decisions that will make you stand out. Establish a personality or an image that’s truly yours.

4. Strive for growth and improvement. Sure, you have to be at peace with yourself. But you should also constantly strive for growth and improvement. This will help give you more confidence because you know you are doing your part to make yourself better.

5. Be the social butterfly. Finally, just put yourself out there. When there’s a party, be there. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and mingle. Don’t forget to have fun while doing so.


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