Subliminal Message – How to Join Contests to Win Money and Bring Home the Cash

Subliminal Message – How to Join Contests to Win Money and Bring Home the Cash

Want to get some money fast? What’s the faster way of getting money than winning it in a contest? You don’t even have to work for it.

Subliminal Message - How to Join Contests to Win Money and Bring Home the Cash

Subliminal Message - How to Join Contests to Win Money and Bring Home the Cash

There are a lot of contests to win money these days. However, a lot of people miss out on what could possibly be the chance of a lifetime to become the instant millionaire they’ve always dreamed of becoming just because they didn’t take the chance. Joining contests to win money is worth the little time they usually take, especially if you apply these money-winning tips:

1. Change your mindset about contest odds. Most people walk away from the chances to win money because they think the odds of them winning are too small. But how can you really tell that? A lot of people hope to win the lottery, but they don’t even try buying a ticket because they think they won’t win. The question is, how do you know you can’t win?

The first step is to not focus on the odds and to actually join the contests. Your chance of winning grows the moment you go out to buy an entry into the contests. If it grows by 1%, that’s still way better than the 0% you get when you don’t buy an entry.

2. Attract it with positive thinking. Now that you have a ticket, all you have to do is attract victory to yourself.

Do you know that your mind can attract anything into your life? When you buy a ticket or enter a contest to win money, you are just setting the wheels in motion, but at least you’re getting started. Now, all you have to do is wait and attract victory into your life with positive thinking. This is what the law of attraction states. Your mind holds the power to bring anything you want into reality. All you have to do is attract your desires with positive thoughts.

When you enter a contest to win money, just how much do you believe you can win? If there are people who don’t buy tickets at all, there are some who buy tickets but only have the faintest belief in their winning the contest. That’s even worse than not buying a ticket at all. So if you buy a ticket, make sure to fully believe you can and will win.

3. Get rid of your doubts. The question is, how can you plant this belief into your naturally doubtful mind?

The truth is, your mind is not naturally doubtful. It is naturally powerful. Unfortunately, it has been programmed to think doubtfully because of the negative feedback it receives from society. What’s this negative feedback? Haven’t you noticed how the society programs us to think that we need to work our heads off to earn money? That’s why we don’t easily believe in our chances of simply winning money without doing anything to earn it.

But the natural power of the mind says that we can get anything as long as we focus the power of our mind on it 100%. To harness that natural power, you first have to remove the negative beliefs and doubts that have accumulated in your mind.

To do this, you can use positive affirmations or subliminal messages. These are messages designed to communicate with the subconscious. The subconscious is what powers our belief systems. This is where the mind’s power lies, and this is also where all the negative feedback from outside accumulate. The purpose of the subliminal messages is to overwrite the negative thoughts and beliefs in the subconscious, with positive thoughts like:

I am going to win this contest.

Winning comes naturally to me.

I am grateful for winning money in a contest.

I attract victory.

I am focused on winning.

I regularly win.

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