Subliminal Message – How To Develop An Irresistible Sense Of Humor

Subliminal Message – How To Develop An Irresistible Sense Of Humor

Surely you’ve heard of the saying that laughter is the best medicine. Being able to just throw back your head and laugh and being able to share that laughter with others are both excellent life jackets that can help protect you from getting drowned in the negative feedback in society. If you have a keen sense of humor, laughter can be your ultimate weapon in making difficult situations less stressful. You can adopt a more relaxed attitude in life, and you will be free from needless worry. Imagine how attractive your personality will be, and the only missing ingredient is laughter.

Subliminal Message - How To Develop An Irresistible Sense Of Humor

Subliminal Message - How To Develop An Irresistible Sense Of Humor

So how can you develop an irresistible sense of humor that can get you out of many tough situations and can help you make better relationships with others? Here are some tips:

1. Find your humor style. Humor comes in different styles. Some people may not find certain jokes funny, while some may find them hilarious. If you want to develop or improve your sense of humor, you have to find your humor style. This may either be the kind of humor you already find funny or the kind of humor you want to obtain. Developing your sense of humor is not forcing yourself to be a comedienne but finding and sharing humor in your own natural way.

2. Bombard yourself with funny things. It would help to watch comedy shows or movies and to read funny books and articles. Doing so will help you pick up some tips on how to be funny or how to make jokes. Also, constantly exposing yourself to such things can make the humor and laughter in them contagious so that it simply makes you more sensitive to humor in general.

3. Change the way you perceive things and situations. It’s hard to see the funny side of things when your eyes are focused on the negatives. But sometimes you can’t seem to help it; your mind just automatically focuses on the negatives. This shows us that our conscious mind is not in control. It is the subconscious mind that determines how we perceive things. And if we perceive things negatively, we won’t ever find humor in life.

So if you want to develop a better sense of humor in life, you have to change the direction your mind goes to when it encounters a situation. To do so, you need to train your mind with the help of subliminal messages.

Here are some examples:

I always see the positive side of things.

I see humor in all circumstances.

I enjoy humor.

I love to laugh.

4. Set yourself free. Sometimes, even if you see funny things or find some situations funny, you don’t allow yourself to just laugh out loud. So aside from altering your subconscious mind, you also have to turn on that humor switch in your conscious mind and just let yourself laugh. You can practice on this by smiling more often and laughing at even the smallest things. Soon, finding humor and actually expressing your laughter will come more naturally to you.