Subliminal Message and Meditation – Get Maximum Benefits with this Powerful Combination

Subliminal Message and Meditation – Get Maximum Benefits with this Powerful Combination

Are you satisfied with the benefits of subliminal messages in your life, or do you want more from them? If you want to make your subliminal messages more effective, why don’t you try using meditation along with them?

Studies on subliminal messaging clearly show that subliminal messages are most effectively absorbed by the mind if it is in a relaxed state, which makes the subconscious part of the mind more dominant. This is why even hypnotherapists use relaxation techniques to put the mind in the right state before they try to apply hypnosis. However, since hypnosis can be complex and difficult to do on your own, it is not ideal to try unless you really exert effort in learning self hypnosis.

It’s a good thing there’s another easier way to induce relaxation within the mind, and this is one technique that you can do on your own. Even better, it is also quite easy to learn. A simple tutorial will suffice so you can start combining this relaxation technique with subliminal messages to get maximum benefits in life.

This technique is meditation. Although it has always had a strong association with religious and spiritual practices, meditation can also be used for the general purpose of relaxing the mind, boosting concentration, and exploring the inner self.

Here are some of the basic first steps that you should learn to get acquainted with meditation.

1. The right setting. The first and most important thing for meditation practices is the right setting. You should pick a quiet place where no one will be able to disturb you and there are no noises to distract you. Some people find it helpful to play some calming background music; if you find that this works for you, feel free to do it as well. Just make sure to choose music that won’t interfere with your meditation.

2. The right timing. You should also pick the perfect time for your meditations. Choose one time during the day when you are most free from distractions, worries, and disturbances. Your sessions should at least be 20 minutes long, but as you go along, you can choose to meditate longer.

The most ideal time is early in the morning. Some say that it will become easy for you to enter a relaxed state if you choose a single time and stick to that schedule every day. This already conditions the mind so your mind itself begins to crave meditation during that time of the day.

3. The right position. Ancient concepts that originally introduced meditation placed a lot of emphasis on your body’s position when you meditate. This has a significant effect on the result of your practice. The key is to find a position which you can hold and be comfortable in for an extended period of time. An uncomfortable position will make you lose concentration since you will be tempted to move. Thus, you have to find a comfortable position which should keep circulation flowing freely.

The traditional meditation pose is sitting cross legged on a flat floor, preferably with a mat to make you more comfortable. Some also prefer to sit on a chair they feel comfortable in. While some people prefer to lie down, this is not an advisable position since it can cause you to fall asleep.

4. The right messages. Once all of these are in place, it’s time to enter a meditative trance. All you have to do is try to empty your mind then choose one object or thought to focus on. You need to focus the entire faculty of your brain on that one object and concentrate on it while keeping distracting thoughts at bay. You can even use a short subliminal message as your main object of focus.

Once the mind feels relaxed and focus comes more easily, you can start sending more subliminal messages, which will make it way more easily towards the subconscious mind, where it starts planting the seed of growth, change, and improvement.