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1- A Way To Completely Jump OUT Of The Normal 9 To 5,

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This belief about yourself is passed down from “old school

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You want something HUGE! My friend Brendon Burchard in
his book, The Millionaire Messenger, completely flattens the
old school way of thinking! Don’t get too comfy in the big cushy
corporate chair. It’s like Vegas in that they are going to make
that chair as comfy as they can to chain you down in so you
will stay.  We’ve got something for them! Stay with me… 

2- A Surprising & Very Welcomed Spiritual Solution To The

Problem The Media Has Been “Beating” Into You… 

If you haven’t been paying attention to what TV does to you,

listen up.  TV (the commercials) are CONSTANTLY telling
you that “You Can’t Do It” and/or “You Aren’t Good Enough”
and simply watching commercials, however brief, are going
to beat you down with the wrong message…  You’re hanging
out on the couch and trying to relax with a bag of Cheetos
and you are not only eating wrong, but getting your ass kicked
by the subliminal messages on television. If you don’t think
there are subliminal messages…   just ask yourself…   do you
fight yourself about “whether or not you are good enough?”…
how about the feeling that comes up about “there is no way I
am going to get this thing and master it like those other people
on the net”? 

Well let me break this down for you in a sentence:



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What do you think would happen if YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS

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Here are the Subliminal Messages on Subliminal Life Coach

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– My Skills Made Me $300,000 In The Last 90 Days Online!
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– People Can See, Fee & Notice My Power Through Everything I Do!
– The Words I Use And The People I Attract Show Me The Way!
– I Am Humbled By God And Thankful For The Gifts I Have Received!
– I Pass My Gift On To Others As A Way Of Thanking God For Helping Me!
– I Take Immediate Action When I’m Inspired To Do So!

“Nelson – You Are an Insane Genius! I Don’t Know Where You Get This Or

How It Works, But Keep It Coming Man!”
James Thompson Redmond, WA USA 

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