Subliminal Advertising – Make Them Buy Anything You Sell

Subliminal Advertising – Make Them Buy Anything You Sell

Selling a product? Any product has a potential market. It’s in the way that you sell and advertise your products that tell the difference between getting a sale and not. If you want to make more profits, you have to be creative with your advertising strategies.

Subliminal Advertising - Make Them Buy Anything You Sell

This is why the advertising industry has been growing insanely these past few years. All companies are trying to find the most creative way to advertise in order to get noticed. This growth has made this even harder. With so many ads in the marketplace, how can you stand out from the clutter?

The answer is, you don’t stand out. You go beneath.

1. Go beneath the clutter. Instead of trying to compete with top-of-mind ads, why don’t you check out the concept of subliminal messages in advertising? The word subliminal comes from the words “sub” and “liminal” which means “below” and “threshold” in latin. This is why you go beneath the clutter. You use ads that can be absorbed below the threshold of the consumer’s consciousness.

Bypassing the conscious state, these ads go straight to the subconscious. Ideas in the subconscious are more powerful because they become planted and stored for future use without getting filtered by the conscious mind.

2. Choose your medium. Subliminal advertising techniques come in two types: symbolic and embedded. Symbolic are usually placed outright on the ads, but they are not recognized by the conscious level because they are in symbols. Embedded are hidden in the design of the ad.

Advertising records show that embedded ads are more expensive to produce and receive more scrutiny from agencies that evaluate ads.

3. Come up with the right subliminal message. If you want to effectively sell products, you need to come up with the right message to send across. Subliminal advertising can be very expensive, so marketers who use them go through a lot of planning before they produce the actual ads. They need to come up with the right image that sends the right message and evokes the right response in as many consumers as possible.

Take note, however, that each individual responds differently to subliminal ads. Some consumers may see the hidden message of image instantly, while others may not. Some consumers may have a positive response, while others, negative. This makes subliminal advertising far more challenging.

4. Watch out for red flags. One of the trickiest ways of creating hidden subliminal messages in advertising is avoiding the red flags. This refers to the blatant signs that expose the coded messages hidden in the ads.

The truth is that the most effective subjects for subliminal ads are sex, violence, and death. So when you use such ads, it’s like walking in a thin line. You have to put in the message such that it would be absorbed by the consumers but without being flagged down by the government. These red flags have led to many examples of subliminal advertising being pulled down from the market.