Studying in France: Discover How to Excel

Studying in France: Discover How to Excel

France has one of the best educational systems in the world. Compared to other schools in Europe, its tuition fees are much cheaper, up to twenty times lower than those of the UK. There are also plenty of schools to choose from. France is also an excellent educational ground, with its rich history, culture, and arts.

Studying in France: Discover How to Excel

Studying in France: Discover How to Excel

How to Make the Most of Studying in France

If you ever decide to study in France, make sure you can do the following:


1. Study about the language. Though they know and understand English, the French still prefer to speak their native language. Most, if not all, of their schools use it as their method of instruction. You can choose to learn the language there, but you may need to take the gap year for you to do that. To save time and money, learn the language before you leave the country.


2. Look for scholarships or grants. It is a whole lot better financially if you can find a scholarship or grant to pay off your tuition fees. You can scour for a couple before you travel and study in France. Be mindful of the requirements. Not all of them are open to non-nationals.


3. Check your credentials. There is a difference between the U.S. and the French educational system. You may find that theirs require more credits in order to graduate. One of the recommended steps to anyone who wishes to study in France is to check his or her credentials. You can read more about the Bologna process or ask assistance from the French embassy.


4. Decide what you want to study. There are two general programs to choose from in France: long and short. The long program allows you to specialize in a specific area and is offered by universities. The short program, meanwhile, is meant for students who want to work in the industrial or service industry. It lasts for at most 3 years.


5. Be ready for the less-social campus life. You may be used to social parties and night-outs here, but it is a totally different world when you are in France. French universities are very much focused on their academics, and they demand highly from their students. They require you to put more hours of class work every week.


6. Prepare yourself for the move. France is beautiful country to explore; but when you are away from your friends and family, you can easily suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. These negative emotions can get in the way of your student life.


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7. Select your school well. Colleges and universities are found everywhere. But to minimize the stress, go for one that is very near where you are staying.


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