Stress and Domestic Violence – The Effects and How Subliminal Self Help Can Help You Heal

Stress and Domestic Violence – The Effects and How Subliminal Self Help Can Help You Heal

Domestic violence and the long term stress it can bring to an individual can be very difficult to overcome. Fortunately, there is an effective way to bring about healing, but it requires the person’s own determination and willingness.

Stress and Domestic Violence – The Effects and How Subliminal Self Help Can Help You Heal

Stress and Domestic Violence – The Effects and How Subliminal Self Help Can Help You Heal

Forms of Domestic Abuse. Domestic violence occurs when a person is purposely exposed to abuse by an intimate partner. Abuse can be in the form of:

·         Physical abuse

·         Sexual assault

·         Psychological abuse

·         Emotional abuse

·         Isolation

·         Controlling of the person’s money, food, and time

This is a very common problem among women who are married or live with their intimate partners. According to statistics, one in four women suffer from this abuse and that it occurs in one in ten families in the US alone. Even when the actual abuse passes, the experience leaves intense trauma to sufferers, especially with all the events that usually follow the event, such as court proceedings, police interviews, hospital treatments, and so on.

Long term trauma. The trauma can affect the person in many ways, such as:

·         Lower self esteem

·         Stress disorder

·         Depression

·         Post-traumatic stress disorder

·         Self doubt/negative self image

·         Blaming oneself

After such an experience, it is even more difficult to build a new life. Yes, you can live in a new house, get a job, and get a new start in life. However, the traumatic effects tend to stay with the individual for a long time.

The biggest problem is that a lot of domestic violence sufferers think they’ve healed but they don’t know that the experience still left shadows in their personalities. Even when you recover from post traumatic stress disorder and all other physical and mental illnesses caused by the experience, when faced with the possibility of a new relationship perhaps or a new career, you might find yourself facing fears and doubts about your worth and value as a person.

You may find yourself wondering whether what happened was your fault and fearing that perhaps it would happen again. You may find yourself unable to go after your dreams because you look down on yourself and have a very poor perception of yourself as an abused person.

These wounds are the hardest to heal because they are silent killers; they silently affect and hinder you from freeing yourself.

Subliminal self help – how it can help. Fortunately, there is a way to completely heal from the experience, and that’s subliminal self help. This is an easy healing process that won’t take much effort. All you have to do is watch subliminal videos or listen to subliminal albums that can send positive subliminal messages to your subconscious level. These videos and albums are really designed to communicate directly with your subconscious.

Why your subconscious? The subconscious is the brain’s storage unit. It is sensitive and highly perceptive. It can store anything. It is also what influences our reflex actions, our impulses, our core beliefs, and our natural behaviors.

Subliminal messages directly get stored in the subconscious without getting filtered by the conscious mind. Once in the subconscious, positive subliminal messages can start releasing positive changes into your life.

This form of psychological treatment can do such profound healing and without an effort on your part. In fact, you can watch the videos every day so you can be sure that the past negative experience will never bother you for a single day of your life again.

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