Stop Counting Calories: Finding Joy in What You’re Eating With Subliminal Messages

Stop Counting Calories: Finding Joy in What You’re Eating With Subliminal Messages

Stop Counting Calories: Finding Joy in What You’re Eating With Subliminal Messages

If you’re on a diet, then most definitely you’re counting calories. If not, you’re estimating them. After all, isn’t it that what you consume should be the same to what you exhaust? Otherwise, these so-called calories will start building up as fat deposits in muscles.


But here’s the problem: counting calories is never fun. In fact, it is one of the reasons why you never get to enjoy eating again, and it’s extremely unfortunate since eating should be a very joyous activity.


Today, I say stop counting calories. Rather get back the happiness you normally feel when you eat. You can do that through the following ideas:


Don’t diet. Or at least stop thinking about going on a diet, especially if your concept is controlling the calories you eat. Besides, the ultimate key to losing and maintaining weight is to eat in moderation. You can follow the 80 percent rule, where you stop eating when you think you’re 80 percent full.


Don’t diet for weight loss. Ask those who are on a diet. A huge number of them are doing it to lose weight. However, many of them will never get to accomplish it. The moment they lose weight, they’ll gain complacency and eat back everything they lost.


When you want to diet or at least control what you eat, do so because you want to keep yourself healthy. Moreover, if you change your mind-set to this, you’ll find yourself gobbling on healthier food, those with very low calories you wouldn’t mind eating a lot of them.


Dine with friends and family. Consider your dinnertime with friends and family sacred. Make it a ritual. Spending meals together is actually a huge source of delight, since you can catch up with other people’s lives within a few minutes. What’s more it’s a novel way of eating less since you spend more attention to others than to your own food or need.


Avoid eating when you’re upset. If you’re frustrated, angry, or disappointed, it’s ideal if you stay away from the kitchen. Rather, do other activities that would help you vent out your negative emotions. Once you eat when you’re feeling down, you’re already doing emotional eating. The issue with this is you really cannot control how much you eat, because you’ll never stop until you feel okay. Always keep this in mind: you eat because of a need, not because of a want or the need to fill a void in your life.


Eat the things you love. Once in a while give in to temptation. Get a slice of your favorite cake, indulge in desserts and pastas, or take a sip of a cold soda. But go back to the first rule: don’t go overboard.


Be at peace when you eat. Learn to appreciate every bite. Relish every flavor and aroma from the food. While you’re doing it, think of affirmations or subliminal messages. Tell yourself, “Life is wonderful” or “I am truly blessed” or “This food is such a blessing.”


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