Stop Being a Bully and Transform Your Life for the Good With Subliminal Messages

Stop Being a Bully and Transform Your Life for the Good With Subliminal Messages

There is a lot of help for those who have been bullied, but what about for those who are really bullies? Unfortunately, these types of people are often condemned by society, from parents to school administrators and even therapists. What they don’t know is they also need assistance, guidance, and even love.

Stop Being a Bully and Transform Your Life for the Good With Subliminal Messages

Stop Being a Bully and Transform Your Life for the Good With Subliminal Messages

When do you become a bully?

Some people have misconceptions about bullying. They think that it happens only to kids and adolescents. Though they are common among teens, bullying happens anytime and anywhere. You can even find them in the office environment. Even parents do bully their kids sometimes.


You are a bully if you look down on other people. You develop the urge to hurt others in any way, physically, mentally, or emotionally. You let go of hurtful words. You love to give harsh criticisms or insult other people. You become prejudiced, and you consider others to be so inferior from you.


What is the effect of bullying to you?

You already know how bullying affects to the victims. You can sense and see them. What you should know is its possible consequences to you. First, you cannot build personal relationships. If you do, then they don’t really last for a very long time. Second, you tend to keep that anger building up inside you, and the worst part is you really don’t know why you feel that way. Third, you go into a blame game and even self-hate. You may be a bully who doesn’t to be one but don’t have the proper discipline to control the urges.


What can you do?

There are two things you need to know. First, you need to stop the bullying before it hurts you and causes irreparable damage. Second, you definitely need to get some help. The following tips may be helpful to you:


  1. Obtain help from a professional. Look for a therapist who can get you the professional help that you need. Make sure that the therapist is non-judgmental. This means he or she doesn’t look at you as a manipulator or a cunning person. The last thing you want to do is to get the acknowledgment that bullying is part of who you are. It isn’t and should not be.


  1. Get plenty of support from your loved ones. The moment when you want to turn a new leaf is the best time to ask for support, especially an emotional one, from your loved ones, particularly from your parents and closest friends. You need them to remind you all the time of your goal, which is to change.


  1. Inspire yourself. Sometimes it feels that you really cannot change yourself. There’s no room for it. If not, you are having a hard time getting rid of the things you’re used to. When you’re having these kinds of issues, you may want to use the following subliminal messages or affirmations:


“I believe in second chances.”

“I can change for the better.”

“I have a huge capability to let go of hate and anger and focus more on love.”

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