Spend More Productive Time by E-mailing Less

Spend More Productive Time by E-mailing Less

Spend More Productive Time by E-mailing Less

Do you know how much time you spend on checking your e-mails? Fifteen percent. For someone who’s limited to around 8 to 12 hours of work a day, that means a lot. You could have used the extra time to complete projects and stop yourself from bringing home work. You can do your research or even take a break and relax.


If you wish to gain more productive hours, you should learn to cut back on your e-mailing sessions. Here are tips on how to do it:


1. Avoid e-mail notifications. A lot of people turn their e-mail notifications on to keep track of incoming e-mails. But that can be counterproductive. Once new mail arrives, you’re tempted to check on it. It’s best if you can just turn it off or avoid downloading it.


2. Schedule the best times to check your e-mails. When are the best times to check your e-mails? These are early in the morning and late in the afternoon, before you go home from work. You can spend at least 30 minutes reading and answering your e-mails in the morning, then fight the urge to not check it. Do the same thing in the afternoon.


3. Don’t set the e-mail application in your mobile phone. It’s helpful if you also avoid checking your e-mail through the mobile phone. If it’s definitely urgent, the person is just going to call you or send you a text message. Besides, not all types of e-mails are readable in mobile phones.


4. Tell the others when to e-mail you. Let your clients, bosses, or even your colleagues know the best time to e-mail you. This way, you know when to expect their messages. In turn, they don’t end up waiting for a lot of hours just to hear a reply at your end.


5. Set up priority inboxes. You can flag those e-mail from people you consider important, such as your business partners, manager, and department colleagues. You can set them up so they appear first or highlighted in your mailbox. You can then avoid reading e-mails that don’t really mean too much on you as of the moment.


6. Limit your subscriptions. Subscriptions are some of the reasons why you have plenty of e-mails to read. They do take up a lot of your time. It’s best if you can reduce your subscriptions today. If not, you can set up a different e-mail account just for them. You can read them during the weekend or when you’re not busy.


7. Give more attention to things that really matter. In your line of work, which should be prioritized? Make sure that you remind yourself of them. Subliminal messages, meanwhile, may be helpful to overcome the challenge of constant e-mailing. Affirmations like “I should bring focus on more important things” or “I can control my e-mailing habits” can surely give you the confidence you need to believe that you can do it.


You can put up these affirmations in your cubicle or perhaps download confidence-building subliminal messages mp3s.


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