Sick while on the Road? Know What to Do

Sick while on the Road? Know What to Do

You never really know what is going to happen while you are traveling. Your car may break down, flight may be delayed, or worse, you may get sick. Though there are no guarantees, you can decrease the likelihood of having more problems when you know what to do.

Sick while on the Road? Know What to Do

Sick while on the Road? Know What to Do

Here are some tips to remember just in case you get sick while traveling:


1. Bring some medications with you. It is essential that you have medications with you when you are on the road. Keep them in the carry-ons, not in the check-in luggage, where you cannot obtain them. Airlines often have a list of drugs you can take onboard. If you have special medications, you can inform the airlines beforehand.


2. Request for assistance immediately. If you think you cannot handle the sickness anymore, then always request for help. It is ideal if you can already have the numbers of health care facilities within or along your area of destination. If you are just traveling within the United States, you can dial 911.


3. Stop driving. If you are suffering from high fever, stomach pains, or any kind of pain, it is ideal to just stop driving. Your illness may prevent you from focusing your attention on the road. You only increase the chances of meeting an accident.


4. Call your travel insurance. Coordinate with your travel insurance company immediately. Some of them offer evacuation services especially if you get sick in very far-away places. They also have an extensive network of doctors and health care facilities who can provide you with treatments at a much lower cost.


5. Take some time to rest. Do not hurry up to stroll around and enjoy your holiday. Take at least a couple of hours or a day or two to fully rest and recuperate.


6. Go back. This is one of the best pieces of advice to listen to especially if you are seriously sick. If you are thinking of flying, you will never be allowed to leave the airport anyway and be quarantined. It is a whole lot better to just go back home, treat the illness, then reschedule the trip at some other time.


7. Reduce the level of stress. Stress and anxiety will only make you a lot sicker. These two cause the body to suffer from a very low immune system. When you do not have enough mechanism to fight off the causes of several diseases, such as viruses and bacteria, then you get sick easily and for a longer period of time.


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You can have these messages saved in your mp3 player or iPod, so you can listen to them while you are traveling.


Getting sick while traveling is not an easy matter. Nevertheless, when you know what to do, you can avoid getting stuck in a more difficult situation.





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