Self-hypnosis for Public Speakers

Self-hypnosis for Public Speakers

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking. You’re in front of so many people, a lot of them you don’t know. You are subject to their ridicule even if you’re doing very well. It’s so easy for you to become tensed and anxious. The most important thin, however, is you don’t allow the nerves to get the best of you.

Self-hypnosis for Public Speakers

Self-hypnosis for Public Speakers

Here’s one strategy: use self hypnosis.


Hypnosis has received a lot of flak for many years. After all, the technique has been associated with black magic. But hypnosis, when done right, can bring a lot of comfort and confidence to the individual.


Hypnosis is a process where the person is placed in a more relaxed state. It aims to tap the subconscious so the hypnotherapist can get into the root cause of your anxiety then help you resolve it.


You may ask, “What’s the relationship between public speaking anxiety and the supposed root cause?” There’s the belief that you just don’t get scared for no reason. There’s a possibility you’re scared to speak in front of the public because you’re traumatized. You might have fallen from the stage, experienced getting harsh words from the audience, or forgotten your lines. And because they are too bad memories, you want to push them way back in your mind, so you don’t remember them. Thus, they get stored in the subconscious, and you no longer become aware of them.


By hypnosis, you can relive these traumatic events not to torture you but to make you deal with it.


Doing Self-hypnosis

Usually, you rely on a hypnotherapist to help you out. The problem is service charges can be costly. You may have to pay a hundred dollars for every hour. Moreover, the hypnotherapist will not be around with you at all times.


Self-hypnosis then is your best choice. When you know how to do hypnosis on your own, you can practice it anytime you want, even a few hours or minutes before your speech. You can also save a lot of money.


With plenty of tools available, you can definitely perform self-hypnosis. But it is much easier if you learn self hypnosis by enrolling in a hypnosis school. At the very least, you learn the basics about the technique. The classes normally last for only a few days. Moreover, there are several schools to choose from all over the state.


Using Subliminal Messages with Self-hypnosis


To make hypnosis more beneficial for you, you can utilize subliminal messages. These are actually affirmations to inspire you. While you’re under hypnosis or in a completely relaxed state, you can listen to subliminal messages downloads that may carry the following messages:


I am oozing with self-confidence.

I am ready to tackle the challenges of public speaking.

I am eager to speak in front of the large crowd.

I am surrounding myself with a lot of love.


So these subliminal messages get into your subconscious, it’s recommended you listen to these regularly, at least a few days or weeks before your speaking engagement.


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