Seduce Anyone You Want in Any Situation with Subliminal Persuasion

Seduce Anyone You Want in Any Situation with Subliminal Persuasion


Seduction is a very useful art to master. Contrary to what the word “seduction” implies, the ability to seduce others is not only useful in the romantic or sexual sense. Seduction is not only used to make others fall in love with you or desire you in a romantic or sexual way. Seduction is a general technique that you can use to convince somebody to do what you want them to do, regardless of what the background situation is.

Seduce Anyone You Want in Any Situation with Subliminal Persuasion

Seduce Anyone You Want in Any Situation with Subliminal Persuasion

Seduction can be used by both men and women. A master of seduction can use it for his or her benefit in any situation and it is all done subtly, so that the other person will not know that he or she is being seduced. The most subtle, and surprisingly the most effective, manner of seduction is to do it subliminally.


This is because subliminal persuasion bypasses the conscious mind so the conscious mind will not be able to filter through the information coming in. Thus, there will be no rejection or resistance from the conscious mind. With subliminal persuasion, you go straight to the subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind is harder to access than the conscious mind, but once you get the key to the door, the subconscious mind is easier to persuade and seduce. And the key is subliminal messaging.


Subliminal messages are messages that are sent to the subconscious mind. They can be verbal messages or they can be cloaked in physical movements. The point is to get the idea across.


Here are some tips on how to use subliminal persuasion for effective seduction.


1. Use key trigger words. One of the most important things you should know when you plan to use subliminal messaging as a form of seduction is that successful seduction lies in the words that you choose to use. Make sure to choose words that can trigger the action that you want the person to do. These are words that arouse or initiate desire in the other person.

2. Use synonyms. By using synonyms, you are directing attention away from what you want to happen because you do not use the word most commonly associated to it. You can hide your request or your seduction in a lesser known word that has the same meaning.


3. Make people feel at ease. Subliminal persuasion is more effectively and easily done if you are able to put the other person at ease with you. Your ability to make the person laugh, to create a personal connection with the other person, and to make the other person believe you are all key in creating trust, which is crucial in any persuasive challenge.

4. Focus on the other person’s benefit. Try to direct attention away from the benefits that you will get. Instead, drop hints about how the other person will benefit in case he or she gets persuaded into doing what you want him or her to do. This way, there will be less resistance from the other person.


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